GOP Candidates Harm Israeli Security by Pushing for Impractical “Greater Israel”

The Republican candidates for president once again tried to out-do the Likud Party in their devotion to the doctrine of the Iron Wall and their attempt to erase the Palestinian people from history and justify their being kept in a condition of statelessness and lack of citizenship in any state.

(The first thing the National Socialists in Germany did to the Jews was to strip them of citizenship, understanding that a stateless people is “flotsam” that no one wants and which lacks any legal standing).

Israel is in a race with time. The 11 million Palestinians are not going to go away, and those in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon have gained powerful new friends because of the Arab uprisings of 2011. Israel can only survive in some recognizable form if it achieves peace with the Palestinian people and with their supporters in the Muslim world, which means making arrangements for Palestinians to have citizenship in a state. Israel caught a break during its first 60 years because its Arab neighbors were largely peasant societies with low literacy, few modern organizational skills, and a significant technology gap.

That advantage is evaporating as Middle Easterners become more and more sophisticated. In the 2006 Lebanon War, Hizbullah and its backers (Iran and Syria) cracked Israeli communications encryption and so knew everything the Israeli army planned to do as soon as the orders were radioed. Hizbullah used micro-war techniques, including small rockets, the emplacements of which could not be easily found and destroyed, to force 1/4 of Israelis from their homes. Toward the end of the war Hizbullah was threatening to hit toxic gas storage areas in Haifa and it wasn’t clear that the Dimona nuclear facility was safe. Tiny Hizbullah, with only about 5,000 fighters, drawn from a religious group with only about 1.5 million members in Lebanon, is a harbinger of things to come. Arabs and Muslims are no longer push-overs, and will become less so over time.

It is unrealistic to think that little Israel, with about 7.5 million people (20% of them Palestinian-Israelis), can forever dominate militarily some 400 million Muslims in its neighborhood–Muslims who overwhelmingly side with the Palestinians.

The alternative is to make peace, and peace requires a settlement of the issue of Palestinian statelessness and a drawing of final boundaries in Israel’s land disputes with neighbors. (The firmest boundary is already that with Egypt, precisely because Egypt is the most militarily powerful of the neighbors).

Palestine was recognized as a Class A mandate after WW I by the League of Nations, and, like Syria and Iraq, was scheduled for statehood. League of Nations members France and Italy consistently pushed back against Lord Balfour’s attempts to interpret the Mandate as permitting the expropriation of the Palestinian majority. As late as the British White Paper of the late 1930s, the British envisaged a Palestinian state in ten years. Palestinian statehood was forestalled when the Jewish settlers (brought into Palestine by the British colonial authorities) engaged in a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing in 1947-1948 that left hundreds of thousands of Palestinians homeless and stateless.

As Hannah Arendt and SCOTUS chief Justice Earl Warren recognized, citizenship is the right to have rights. Without citizenship in a state, Palestinians never really own property or have any other civil or human rights, since if someone steals from them they have no state to back their claims. In almost all legal proceedings, they lack standing. Palestinians once given Jordanian citizenship have sometimes recently had it withdrawn. Palestinians in Lebanon cannot own property, vote, in most cases cannot get work permits or business licenses, and mostly are not permitted by other states to travel to them, since Palestinians don’t have a home country or proper passports and so are seen as an illegal immigration risk. Far from being “Arabs,” many Lebanese Christians reject that identity and they are not going to give citizenship to Sunni Arabs expelled from Mandate Palestine by the Israelis, since that would weaken the Christians’ own position in Lebanese politics. The Israeli supreme court even just declared that Palestinians married to Israeli citizens can never achieve Israeli citizenship. The stigma of being a stateless Palestinian can never be removed, and Palestinian families have no more right to stay together in Israel than the families of black slaves in the Old South (where Newt Gingrich still thinks he lives) had a right to stay together.

So here is what Romney said in the debate:

“(UNKNOWN): Abraham Hass[an] (ph) from Jacksonville, Florida.

How would a Republican administration help bring peace to Palestine and Israel when most candidates barely recognize the existence of Palestine or its people? As a Palestinian-American Republican, I’m here to tell you we do exist.

BLITZER: All right. Let’s ask Governor Romney, first of all.

What would you say to Abraham?

ROMNEY: Well, the reason that there’s not peace between the Palestinians and Israel is because there is — in the leadership of the Palestinian people are Hamas and others who think like Hamas, who have as their intent the elimination of Israel. And whether it’s in school books that teach how to kill Jews, or whether it’s in the political discourse that is spoken either from Fatah or from Hamas, there is a belief that the Jewish people do not have a right to have a Jewish state.

There are some people who say, should we have a two-state solution? And the Israelis would be happy to have a two-state solution. It’s the Palestinians who don’t want a two-state solution. They want to eliminate the state of Israel.

And I believe America must say — and the best way to have peace in the Middle East is not for us to vacillate and to appease, but is to say, we stand with our friend Israel. We are committed to a Jewish state in Israel. We will not have an inch of difference between ourselves and our ally, Israel.

This president went before the United Nations and castigated Israel for building settlements. He said nothing about thousands of rockets being rained in on Israel from the Gaza Strip. This president threw —


ROMNEY: I think he threw Israel under the bus with regards to defining the ’67 borders as a starting point of negotiations. I think he disrespected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

I think he has time and time again shown distance from Israel, and that has created, in my view, a greater sense of aggression on the part of the Palestinians. I will stand with our friend, Israel.

BLITZER: Thank you, Governor.


As Ron Kampea points out at a blog of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Obama has in fact complained about Gaza rockets hitting Israel.

And, Hamas is not the leader of the Palestinian people. The PLO has the presidency of the Palestine Authority, and it recognized Israel long ago in return for an agreement that the Israelis would stop stealing Palestinian land and allow Palestinians finally to have a state and escape the chattel-like estate of statelessness. The Israelis took the recognition but reneged on the other promises, which hasn’t encouraged other Palestinian parties to give away the bargaining chip of recognizing Israel before there are even serious negotiations.

At least, as Kampea points out, Romney got the nuance right when speaking of Obama’s statement that 1967 borders should be the basis for negotiations.

But the Republican Party now seems to have a Greater Israel position that would bestow all the West Bank on Israel, including East Jerusalem, but without saying what should be done with the millions of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

Alan Grayson once said that the Republican health care plan is, “Don’t get sick. If you get sick, die quickly.” The Republican plan for 11 million Palestinians is shorter. It is just, “Die quickly.”

Then Newt Gingrich weighed in (and I do mean weigh):

“BLITZER: Speaker Gingrich, you got into a little hot water when you said the Palestinians were an invented people. GINGRICH: It was technically an invention of the late 1970s, and it was clearly so. Prior to that, they were Arabs. Many of them were either Syrian, Lebanese, or Egyptian, or Jordanian.

There are a couple of simple things here. There were 11 rockets fired into Israel in November. Now, imagine in Duvall County that 11 rockets hit from your neighbor. How many of you would be for a peace process and how many of you would say, you know, that looks like an act of war.

You have leadership unequivocally, and Governor Romney is exactly right, the leadership of Hamas says, not a single Jew will remain. We aren’t having a peace negotiation then. This is war by another form.

My goal for the Palestinian people would be to live in peace, to live in prosperity, to have the dignity of a state, to have freedom. and they can achieve it any morning they are prepared to say Israel has a right to exist, we give up the right to return, and we recognize that we’re going to live side-by-side, now let’s work together to create mutual prosperity.

And you could in five years dramatically improve the quality of life of every Palestinian. But the political leadership would never tolerate that. And that’s why we’re in a continuous state of war where Obama undermines the Israelis.

On the first day that I’m president, if I do become president, I will sign an executive order directing the State Department to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to send the signal we’re with Israel.


Gingrich implies that Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza, is responsible for the eleven rockets. Gaza is a mess, reduced by Israeli occupation to a 1.6-million person slum, where people are not even permitted by Tel Avivi to export 99% of what they make or produce, where unemployment is astronomical, and where 55% of the population is food insecure. It is a congeries of refugee camps where the families expelled by the Zionist forces in 1948 live in squalor and once-flourishing towns and villages now cut off from their markets by Israeli malevolence. Hamas doesn’t control Gaza, and radical groups, fostered by the concentration camp-like conditions of the Strip, are the ones who fire little home made rockets over the border sometimes. Since Israel has 200 nuclear warheads, you’d think it might survive somebody’s high school chemistry set and some taunts.

Gingrich asks what would happen if 11 rockets fell on Duvall County. But he doesn’t ask what would happen if Venezuelan troops pushed Floridians into Duvall County from a neighboring county, stripped them of US citizenship, then surrounded Duvall County and refused to let the people there export most of their products or import more than basic needs. What would the people of Duvall County do to those Venezuelan troops, do you think?

As for Palestinians being recently invented, Gingrich may want to consult the medieval Islamic coins inscribed with the word “Palestine,” referring to the place that the medieval Palestinians lived.

There are tens of thousands of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, and they are 35% of the Israeli-created district of Jerusalem, and the status of Jerusalem is a matter to be settled in final status negotiations. For Gingrich to forestall peace negotiations by unilaterally giving all of Jerusalem permanently to Israel would not lead to peace, but to further generations of conflict. Americans, who keep telling the Palestinians that unilateral actions at the UN cannot lead to peace, nevertheless favor Likud Party unilateral actions when it comes to Israel.

Everyone knows that Newt Gingrich is in the back pocket of casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who worships Binyamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party like a golden calf, and that Gingrich is playing for the vote of the Christian Zionists among southern evangelicals. He isn’t interested in peace or the welfare of Palestinians. Indeed, it seems unlikely he is interested in Israeli welfare, since the advice he gives Tel Aviv (yes) is likely to dig the state’s grave over the long term.

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  1. It was back in the early 80’s that I got paid to study & report on the Israel-Palestine problem, I remember the client had already received the first chapters when we had the August ’82 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

    In all of the “opportunities for peace” that the Palestinians have supposedly missed, from ’78-80 to the mid-’90’s to the Clintonian final push of 2000, there has been one constant in the position of Israel and it’s primary backer: no deal could have any movement on the question of Jerusalem (the expanded territory of which would continue to be Israel’s capital).

    This deal has always been unacceptable to the Arab world (or at least so far to the most consistent financial backer of things Arabic in this world, the royal circles of $$$ in Saudi Arabia). Presumably the expansion of people power in the Arab world will not lessen the unacceptability of this demand for continued Israeli government over the vastly expanded territory of the old municipality of Jerusalem, when it is precisely the Dome of the Rock, in the center of Jerusalem, which was the focus of the Arab community that still lives n East Jerusalem, despite squeezing from the their Israeli neighbors.

    On their side, any question of movement away from their position on Jerusalem seems completely unsellable to the current base of pro-Israeli opinion worldwide. With the Republican party and something like 500 out of 535 members of Congress firmly on Israel’s side, and segments of Likudist demanding war against Iran over nuclear weapons, we are really are set up for all sorts of apocalyptic oil-crisis Mideast war scenarios. (And no long term settlement of the Israel-Palestine issue can be envisioned, if these terms remain the postulates.) No apocalyptic senario, few consipiracy theories can be realistically denied, if Israel wants to bring down Obama before next November, all they have to do is attack Iran and the $10/gallon gasoline in America will bring down Obama.

    This is, of course, the general situation of humankind in the modern era. We face terrors on all fronts, despair looks us in the face, and that’s all the more reason to be optimistic, confident, and ready to do better to fight harder to make your own personal part of the reformation come true. This time around it looks really serious: the continuation of the petroleum economy may already have doomed us to ecological crisis starting anytime now. To have the Israel-Palestine issue also promise immanent socio-military-economic catastrophe any month now, is very depressing. The ultimate judgement may be that mankind is not very smart after all. All the more reason, I say, to keep faith and work for something better.

  2. “Israel can only survive in some recognizable form if it achieves peace with the Palestinian people and with their supporters in the Muslim world, which means making arrangements for Palestinians to have citizenship in a state. “

    Israel is doomed.

    • Genocide. Doesn’t it involve killing, on a massive scale, or at least the intent to do so, rather than “ethnic cleansing,” i.e., expulsion?
      I commend to you the excellent four-part series by Douglas Anthony Cooper in Huffington Post Canada.
      1. link to
      2. link to
      3. link to
      4. link to
      This was written in response to Norman Finklestein’s claim that “Israel is committing a holocaust in Gaza.”
      link to
      Bottom line:
      (1) The total number of Palestinians and Israelis who have died as a result of violence since 1948 is on the order of 15,000; hardly mass murder on either side–and most of those were armed combatants, not civilians. A tragedy; if civilians are killed deliberately, a crime; but not genocide.
      (2) If the Israelis are committing genocide, they are either inefficient or incompetent, as there are more Palestinians today than there were in 1948.

  3. There is more behind the scenes with Mitt Romney and other reasons besides one as to why Romney should be no where near the White House. If people knew, more Americans would challenge and force Romney out of politics.

    • ROMNEY: I think he threw Israel under the bus with regards to defining the ’67 borders as a starting point of negotiations. I think he disrespected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

      Er which one is President of the largest economy on earth and the leading military power in the world, and which one is the prime minster of a client state of less than 8 million inhabitants, dependent on the goodwill of the superpower for money, arms and protection.

      As Bill Clinton said on Bibii: ~”Who the F does he think he is? -Who’s the Effing superpower here”?

  4. The unconditional”devotion” to Israel by some Christian and semi-Christian politician is basically a religious faith, rooted on the biblical Zechariah 14: Give them rope to hang themselves. The trouble is that those folks control the (USA) weapons, so we are going to en up with the “Samson Option”, as Seymour M. Hersh discussed it in his 1991 book.

  5. The harm to actual Israelis is from Americans pushing the Greater Israel project is deliberate. They know it will make peace impossible; they intend it to make peace impossible.

    Gingrich and, perhaps, Romney are pandering to a fundamentalist and evangelical voting block in the Republican Party, which reads the Book of Revelation as a prediction for the future. (Catholics don’t read it this way, but as commentary on contemporary Rome). They support “rebuilding the temple” – often interpreted as the refounding of the state of Israel – as a step towards the return of the Christian messiah, as laid out in the book. A massive war in which Israel is decimated is, according to this prophesy, a necessary intermediate step.

    When politicians like this take such a hard line, their message has two levels. First, there is a general hawkishness towards the Muslims in the region and belligerent support for Israel and its security, but beneath that, there is a dog whistle message to the End Times Christians.

    • The Evangelical and Christian community has been heavily manipulated by Karl Rove for decades. Romney is not ‘pandering’ to the Christian Community, how little some understand the background that is and has been going on in this area.

      • Romney is not ‘pandering’ to the Christian Community,/i>

        Romney is a Mormon with a record of, to put it mildly, ideological flexibility. The notion that his comments reflect his true feelings just doesn’t ring true to those of us – where are you from? – who’ve actually seen how he actually governs.

        how little some understand the background that is and has been going on in this area.

        These little unsupported, unexplained postures of superiority are much less impressive than “some” seem to think they are.

  6. They are campaigning in Florida. South Florida has a huge Jewish population, on the conservative side. There is no way those two candidates would say a peep about Israel in Florida. It would be political suicide. The US has a long way to go before it changes it’s ideology about Israel and the Palestinian. Oh and by the way most of the Democrat are as ignorant and uninformed on the subject as the Republicans are!

  7. Trying to stand back and look at trends, its hard to see any sort of demi- zionist vision with any legs. Aside from bringing down their own Temple, Israel has to adapt or die, and this means recognition and accommodation with the Palestinians. In fact it takes work to imagine it even staying a Jewish state to the extent it now is. This transition can happen the hard way or the (relatively) easy way. The harder the various parties resist the inevitable, the more it’ll hurt. And at this point, that pain may be felt worldwide, in terms of the economic (and perhaps real) fallout.

    A larger point, however, is how the subtext of this post supports a trend towards bottom-up power. Sure, elites will always endeavor with some degree of success to guide events to their benefit and prejudices. But technology and (good) education is eroding their power, at least to the extent they are allowed to empower a broader group. Larger, established groups are inherently dangerous and ultimately become effete, due to the hardwired inevitabilities of group behavior and dynamics. There has always been a cycle to which the power or individuals grows to eventually become co-opted by their own success (if there isn’t some more-clever group around to hasten the process). At this point in history, I cannot help but think we are heading into a time where the power of the few will begin to wan. We can now see the power of individuals becoming ever more highly leveraged toward this end with the success against Israel by Hizballah.

    This is where we come to appreciate the increasing power of rhetoric and the need for more critical and discerning education. Rhetoric is what the various establishments increasingly have to rely on, to manipulate individuals into backing ideas/actions that go against their interests and the course of nature in general. It strikes me this is why the concept of “terrorism” has become so central to governments, and the events the are trying with increasingly less luck to control.

  8. By even using the term “right of return”, Gingrich is admitting that something was taken from the Palestinians. So why doesn’t everyone ask him why Palestinians don’t have the right to return?

    A white man considers his home special, sacred, his birthright and his children’s, and all that crypto-religious babble. But the Arab, like the black or the Mexican, is too inferior to have human feelings, so we can take their homes, and lives, without having done serious harm. Isn’t that why it just goes without saying that we can routinely kill or imprison them as a matter of protecting what’s important?

    Of course, international law cannot exist on this basis, which is why the haters of racial equality were drawn inexorably to Israel’s cause over the decades despite starting as anti-Semites. Re-establishing the hierarchy of the races and eradicating international law matters as much to American reactionaries as any faith in biblical prophecy. The successful erasure of the Palestinians is meant to set a precedent, and so was the invasion of Iraq as America’s unique entitlement.

  9. “The Israelis took the recognition…”

    … and have been lying about it ever since. You will never hear an Israeli leader or American admit that the PLO or any Palestinian group has EVER recognized Israel.

  10. When Abraham (Palestinian American) asked his question I cheered. Then for the next several minutes both Romney and Gingrich said their pledge of allegiance to Israel. Basically punching Abraham in the gut. A far cry from the stance of Republican Bush 41 who at least attempted to restrict aid as illegal settlements were and continue to be built. Notice they did not give Rep Paul an opportunity to speak about this issue. Too bad Abraham did not direct that question to Rep Paul. Blitzer knew exactly what he was doing by keeping that question away from Paul.

    With the history of the JA and control of the land stolen, Israeli supreme court validating illegal activities. Israel looking more and more like they are going to pre-emptively attack things are not looking so good for Israel, for Iran and for Obama being re-elected. More than likely just what the radical right wing Israeli lobby and Israel want.

    Dr. Zbig has been everywhere this week promoting his new book “Strategic Vision” He had a great deal to say about Israel attacking Iran any time from “now to the election” That if the US is drug in how this not only drags the US even further into economic, and moral woes. Zbig has been on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Diane Rehm, Charlie Rose, and tomorrow will be on CSpans Book TV (Sat).

    • Good for Zbiggy – it makes up a little for the harm he did knowingly provoking the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan because he wanted a Soviet “Vietnam”. But the Lobby didn’t hesitate to smear his ex-boss for telling the truth about Israel and its nukes, which facts simply disappeared from public discussion.

  11. We can probably anticipate some sort of collusion between Netanyahu and Romney during the campaign. Netanyahu will probably try to blackmail Obama in behalf of the US taking the lead in attacking Iran.

  12. Israel caught a break during its first 60 years because its Arab neighbors were largely peasant societies with low literacy, few modern organizational skills, and a significant technology gap.

    Their states were also mostly ruled by dictators accountable to Western governments rather than to their populations.

    The way Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Egypt and others are today.

  13. Why is there such a huge disconnect between the politicians’ understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the reality as described by world class historians such as Ilan Pappe, Benny Morris, and yourself, Juan? Don’t these people ever read books?

    • Dear Dear

      Books are so passe. It is the 21st century young man. You have television to tell you about reality.

    • They read (or have their “people” read to them) polls and briefing papers and debate preps, and they absorb videos, all prepared by the worst kinds of interest-holders.

      Boooks? They don’ need no steenkeeng boooks, especially boooks by humans interested in decency and fairness and honesty and what it takes to counter the blackest of human impulses driving the Grand Titanic of “policy,” books and other illuminations that bring light, rather than more darkness and heat straight from the Narrative of Destruction. It’s how they pretend to “lead,” by charging to the front of the stampede and bellowing “Follow ME! There’s clear sailing ahead!”

      The function of the captain is to navigate the vessel on a course that gets ship and passengers safely from here to there. Beware following, in idiot bliss at nominal “success,” the many Dotted Lines that criss-cross the planet…

  14. Don’t expect anything from American politicians. They are a set of men without principles. I am quite sure they know there is another side of the story but that’s what they are paid to say.

    The US supported Apartheid S. Africa until almost the very end so it is not surprising to see even more support for S. Africa’s evil twin sister, Israel.

    The end of Israeli Apartheid will come through grass roots movement and the Palestinian themselves who should have long time ago given up the idea of Palestinian Bantustans and instead started fighting for equal rights.

  15. One continuing MAJOR problem in the “west” is a complete lack of LONG TERM thinking.

    From a very short term (less than five years) perspective, Israel is following a successful policy. Use military might to oppress the natives.

    BUT …

    Taking a more long-term Asian type perspective, Israel is ensuring its eventual demise and the expulsion of all Jews from the ME for many generation’s (maybe another 2000 years).

    – “might makes right” NEVER works in the long term. As Thomas Jones (1892 – 1969) noted “Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.” This means that the IDF can NOT win every battle, forever and when the IDF loses, Israel ceases to exist.

    – Over the long term, power shifts around the globe, meaning that any powerful friends Israel has today will be powerless over time.

    – There is no such thing as “friendship” between groups, just temporary alliances. Over the last 200 years, the US has screwed (often repeatedly) EVERY FRIEND it has ever had.

    The basic problem Israelis have is NONE of the assumptions they have made about the future is valid …

    – Israel can NOT maintain military superiority forever. For example, thousands of cheap, reasonably accurate missiles trump an air force with expensive planes and pilots.

    – The US will NOT be able and/or willing to protect Israel forever. Eventually the disconnect between US needs and Israel’s demands will become so large that the US will abandon Israel.

    – The US puppet regimes in the ME can NOT survive forever. As the US puppets die off (either naturally or assisted), the countries around Israel will become increasingly hostile toward Israel.

    – Israel will NOT be able to “control” Europe via guilt over WW2. Every day, more and more people that remember WW2 are dying off to be replaced by people to whom WW2 is ancient history (and meaningless to their lives).

    – Israel will NOT be able to find a protector to replace the US because the probable future power brokers either do not care one bit about Israel or actively dislike Israel.

    Any deep analysis of the future, shows that it is past time for Israel to get the “best” deal they could and every day they delay, the worse the deal they will get. If the Israelis stall long enough, there will be war, the IDF will lose and Jews will be driven from the ME.

    NOTE: there will NOT be a “second holocaust,” although a number of Israelis will be killed in the war. Once the war starts and Israeli start to realize they they “might” lose, most Israelis will flee Israel (almost half of Israelis hold dual citizenship).

    What I find tragic, is if Israelis would just be willing to fairly divide the land between the Jordan river and the Med sea, Israel would probably exist for centuries and could provide the basis for the ME to be a stable economic block, similar to the EU, North America, China and Asia.

    By trying to take all the land and water, Israel is dooming itself, because the more it humiliates and traumatizes the Arabs, the more revenge the Arabs will want when they can defeat the IDF.

    • Excellent points! The anti-Antisemitism propaganda machine will not last forever either.

  16. From the Mandate period to the present, the Palestinians’ leaders made numerous blunders. For example, the PLO’s interference in the lives of the Lebanese led to their being expelled from Lebanon. While in exile, they did little to prepare for statehood. During the second Intifada, when suicide bombers were killing Israelis, the PA was either unwilling or unable to stop them. Arafat’s PA was a corrupt, incoherent entity that abandoned the Palestinians in the diaspora, and did not help build a Palestinian state. Rashid Khalidi’s “The Iron Cage” examines these things in detail. Is there any chance of the Palestinians getting some competent and trustworthy leaders?

  17. The State of Israel is in Bed with the Military Industrial Complex

    If you want to know why we are not heading down the road to peace. Just read this Congressional Research Service report U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel of September 16, 2010
    link to
    The United States government has pledged over three billion dollars a year in military aid to the State of Israel until the year 2018. This is on top of, well over a hundred billion dollars of United States aid to the State of Israel over the years. With two-thirds of it being military aid. It works out to over five-hundred dollars per every Israeli annually.

    The military industrial complex in the United States and the State of Israel profit greatly from this military aid package. The State of Israel could not afford to maintain the illegal military occupation of the West Bank and the imprisonment of the 1.4 Palestinian people in Gaza without the United States military aid package over the many years. While the United States gives the Palestinian a hundred or two hundred million dollars a year if they behave and do not try something stupid like trying to become a recognized nation in the United Nations. Yet the Israelis bomb the hell out of Gaza and more bombs and military aid is on the way from the U.S.A..

    With a few people and corporations in the United States and Israel making so much money off of this military aid package. They are heavily vested in seeing that the military aid continues. Making it harder, to nearly impossible to get on the road towards peace with so much money pledge towards conflict. There is not one federal elected official in Washington D.C. that would stand up in front of their peers and or the American people and say: “Let us invest thirty billion dollars into the Arc plan A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State over the next ten years. It is a giant leap in the right direction into finding a peaceful solution in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.. It addresses many of the problems the people of Palestine face in forming a viable state. Only with a prospers Palestinian society that resembles the society of the State of Israel will the people of both societies have any real security. Yet almost in a single voice on both sides of the isle in Washington D.C. the United States government pledges over thirty billion dollars of military aid to the State of Israel over a ten year period. Global Crier

    This is the link to an 8 minute and 35 minute video outlining the Arc.The Arc: A Formal Structure For a Palestinian State | RAND
    link to

    Here is a link to the Rand Corporation’s web page to the Arc Reach Brief. There is a link to the full outline version of the Arc at the bottom of the page.
    The Arc: A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State | RAND link to

    These are two links of Doug Sulsman presentation of the Arc at the J Street YMCA New York, NY.
    THE ARC AT J STREET Part – YouTube
    link to

    THE ARC AT J STREET Part – YouTube
    link to

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