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  1. Thank you for all that you and your colleagues provide for us,
    Dr. Cole. I rely on your site for the best information!
    Marion Rojas

  2. With Newt Gingrich out of the campaign, there will be one less gas bag polluting the air with oral methane.

  3. To think how close he came and how much respect he was treated with…

  4. With the exception of Ron Paul, none of the other candidates can achieve anything other than burying the Republican party deeper in its grave. Or in Gingrich’s case killing it out of hand if he were the parties nominee.

    Paul’s the man, but beyond Iowa his prospects dim in the political graveyards of party racketeering in the so called ‘open primaries’ that dominate the nominating process. There’s no democracy (people power) in America, never has and never will.

  5. Someone on radio said the republicans can beat Obama 2012 even if they run Mickey Mouse. If this is so, I’d prefer MM to some of the other bozos.

  6. CONTINUED: As to the actual candidates, I wish commentators would pick up on Ron Paul’s (asserted) incorruptibility (if only to contrast it with everyone else, of whom it is by no means asserted) and on his anti-war, anti-empire.

    (He has some other positions that only a mother or some republicans could love.)

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