Greenwald: Koch Brothers Should Testify before Congress

The Wall Street Journal carried a plaintive piece about how the poor far right wing oil billionaires David and Charles Koch (who bring you everything from science denial, to the Keystone XL pipeline– which is not as dead as you might like it to be– to secret funding of most of the “Tea Party”) are being criticized– criticized — by the White House. Gee, you would think mere politicians would know their place better than that.

Here is Robert Greenwald’s and the Brave New Foundation’s recent video on why they should be made to testify before Congress on the horrible shale oil pipeline project:

and here is the petition.

Greenwald is @robertgreenwald at Twitter.

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2 Responses

  1. Does anyone believe, any more, that there’s a RuleofLaw that some Congressional committee would actually start in motion by putting the Kochs in any kind of real jeopardy? Maybe some expressions of “grave concern,” a little billet doux to the Justice Department, and guess what comes next?

  2. I’d rather see the Koch brothers testify on their business dealings with the Ayatollahs in Iran.

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