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  1. Is this a pre-global-warming lament? It seems to speak of doing the usual things that people do — without responsibility or higher purpose.

    Lobsters and snakes can live for a while without their skins/shells and regularly shed them. It is a bit odd for (much of) mankind to be shedding its skin/shell, where we have no experience getting a new one.

    • oh, Khayyam was a kind of existentialist and is lamenting the lack of obvious meaning in life, especially in the lives of the Lindsey Lohans of his day. His typical setting is a bawdy tavern (we would say happening night club), and his typical character is a rascal and a lush. Sometimes he suggests that a higher ethics (actually caring for real people), or liminal experiences of drunkenness or of mystical union, can dull the pain of meaninglessness, but he doesn’t hold out a lot of hope.

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