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  1. Reverting to a prior post… why not a drone with Assad’s name on it? Really! It would save a lot of lives… possibly… and it’s hard to see the ‘downside’…

  2. This is a good one. If this was the only thing that he wrote it could have been a clue that he was really a Tibetian Buddhist who took a vow to plunge in to the depths of hell to help quench the thirst of the souls trapped there and to refuse entry in to heaven until all beings are granted entry in to heaven.

  3. These are lovely! So happy to have discovered them, thank you!

  4. Good poem. Here is the beginning of one by Forugh Farrokhzad:
    I don’t repent,
    thinking of this resignation, this pained surrender.
    I’ve kissed my life’s cross
    on the hills of my execution

  5. Thanks so much for the poetry. Please let me know if you publish a collection of your translations.

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