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  1. Who pays the piper calls the tune. The elephant in the cartoon is whistling HaTikva.

    AIPAC & Co. have captured the Republicans — with much help from pro-Israel fundamentalist evangelicals who wish for a Middle-East war to cause, in approved Biblically predicted style, the end of the world of which it appears they are existentially tired — and so, like most of the Democrats, the Republicans are now “representing” Israeli rather than American interests.

    When they are not “representing” BANK and OIL interests rather than “American” interests.

  2. I read your piece on “the servant of Iran” the day you published it. I’m following the Gen. Martin Dempsey story closely, having come to the conclusion that our only hope is that the military will balk.

    This radio interview is also very interesting to me, Juan, and I do agree with you that the Israelis are being pretty damned flagrantly arrogant. Gratuitously so as they do indeed seem to have the US in their hip pocket.

    I can’t help but think and hope that it is a mistake for the Israeli gov’t to diss Dempsey. I’ve been hanging out on the military blogs lately, just to get an idea of what’s going on, and am picking up the idea that the US military are not admirers of Israel.

    They still remember the Liberty, just like the left still remembers Rachel Corrie. They still rankle at Israeli spying on the US, passing on US security secrets to Russia. They do not worry about being perceived as antisemitic, because they’re not. They tend to see Israel as a foreign country, period.

    And me over here in my small corner, looking for hope, I keep thinking about how the Army brought down McCarthy…

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