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  1. Fantastic photos. That’s about how the percentages will go in the National election……. if everyone VOTES this time!!

  2. Terrible optics, but that the football stadium is 4 times the size of the basketball arena makes it look worse.

  3. Maybe Romney’s (semi-)homestate supporters are afraid to drive from the suburbs into the dark scary place.

  4. Yes, the Xcel Center is a hockey arena. Obama still filled the thing to overflowing.

    The other thing to notice is how, with the exception of South Carolina where the anti-Mitt vote coalesced behind Gingrich in a massive effort to keep Romney from steamrollering his way to a gimme nomination, the primary turnout in 2012 has either been similar to or markedly less than that of 2008.

    The Republicans don’t like the Clown Car of GOP candidates, either.

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