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  1. And that cost us how much again, and it is supposed to do exaclty what? Chase down Iranian Gazelles?

    Think that’s coool, call up this video showing yet another Really Cool Technological Advance, and be sure to check out all the other videos that are linked to it:
    link to youtube.com

    Mindless tailchase, imagined-up Threats that just have to be countered by imagined-up Counter-Threats.

  2. DARPA, eh? So we’ll soon be seeing galloping legged kill vehicles, controlled by folks back in the US, chasing down and blasting suspects with little machine guns?

  3. What a stupid waste. It is the road that is moving, not the robot, but I suppose it does little ham compared with DARPA’s normal inventions.

  4. While I am forever a non-believer in the coming waking up moment for robots and AI, I believe the point is nearly moot, as the employment of robots as tools of human intent (perhaps as unexamined and unconscious, as robotic as any imagined ‘other’) is upon us.

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