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  1. Lily of the valley, live in the moment. Breathe deeply, inhale the fragrance of today’s flowers. A good day is hard to come by.

  2. The Islamic Caliphates’s conquest of the Persian Empire (637-642 A.D.) led to a slow conversion of the bulk of the population to Islam over the next few centuries. However, Persian culture is not Arab culture, and never has been. Iran was a prodigious producer and consumer of wine for thousands of years before the arrival of Islam, and it remained a beloved part of Persian life long after. The Safavid poets customarily celebrated the glories of wine, and epicurians delighted in knowing the best vintages. While there was always a faction among the pious who rabidly denounced it, most Iranians have usually considered this attitude fanatical — and not very Persian.

    When you drink a bottle of Shiraz, even if it is grown in Australia or California, rather than the Iraninan province of Shiraz, you are continuing this glorious tradition.

  3. Shiraz when spring is here – what pleasure equals this?
    With streams to sit by, wine to drink and lips to kiss,
    With mingled sounds of drums and lutes and harps and flutes;
    Then, with a nice young lover near, Shiraz is bliss.

    — Jahan Khatun (a fourteenth-century poetess), translated by Dick Davis

  4. Is it not beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, on this day. Just perfect and what was needed.

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