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  1. I kinda like this blog because it engages with the shades of gray.

    That said, the assertions of some long dead guy with a wig isn’t something to take to the bank. Thomas Paine was not some God handing down The Word, and even if someone wants to use his words that way, there are other Gods….

    You have only to go back on THIS VERY BLOG, and its last such opinion, cited on 4/28 from John Quincy Adams, that “American does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.”

    Afraid we’re stuck in the role of being the Grown-Up at this party, and there’s no Daddy there to tell us what to do.

  2. If we were actual grownups, we wouldn’t need a daddy to tell us what to do.

    Once again we have a founding opinion maker demonstrating, that our politicians today are obviously, internally, very very very immature, living in a world of me, myself and I. Oblivious to the view that one of the responsibilities of a leader is to articulate new directions in which to go; instead of, today, doing everything one can to accumulate all one can, plus mess with others.

    What Paine is really saying is that once we have articulated the life of a free human (one who possesses and acts in accord with all the human rights God gave us humans), we need to have a major focus on doing our best to ensure those rights are given to every human everywhere in the world. Which is the antithesis of what our government has been doing for almost two centuries.

    It is really sad to know what could be done, and then see almost every major public figure doing every he or she can to avoid achieving our potential. Really really sad.

  3. You should read up on Thomas Paine. He was a great champion for human rights and equal rights even for woman and black people! No small feat for a man of the 18th century. He risked his life many times for speaking truth to power. He even publicly called out George Washington on his hypocrosy over slavery causing significant damage to his (Paine’s) public standing.

    Who else in history are we not allowed to admire. Don’t be as nihilistic as your namesake.

  4. This is a warning to those who support repressive laws and bad war policies. Those laws will inevitably snag some of those who voted for them. And a drone may someday hit a group of US special operations forces.

  5. In our own century Justice William O. Douglas put it even more succinctly: The rights of none are safe unless the rights of all are protected.

    Then again, we all know that the rights of none are safe *ever*; but one must be allowed a bit of poetic license.

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