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  1. He doesn’t lend it to you, he rents it to you. Or, if he’s a corporate executive, he sells it to you at an inflated price and refuses to give you a refund when it doesn’t work.

  2. Gifted Intellectuals at Edge tells us that in the recent “Banking Crisis” huge sums of money just disappeared out of the modern Virtual Banking system; I believe that the money was “Hacked” out of sight.

    “A few hundred millionaires now own as much wealth as the world’s poorest 2.5 billion people,” who “live on less than two dollars a day”

    This modern world appears only to satisfy the Banker’s lusts with wars and excessive bonuses (and/or kinky sex).

    What’s a poor Politician left to do?

  3. so true. Twain was so far ahead of his time…his recently released bio, after 100 yrs delay at his insistence, is so insightful as to how liberal and enlightened he was. And it makes the irony of the ongoing militarism of the USa that much more acutely painful as he so clearly demonstrated the futility and mendacity surrounding our involvements in Cuba and the Philippines at the turn of the century. A hundred years and no greater insight by those in power and greed as to the hypocrisy of our spoken ideals and the darkness of our actions…Rejected Spain not to offer peasant freedom and economic gain, but corporate hegemony, wealth, and plunder…same as it ever was…

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