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  1. Very nice performance by the Kamkaran group. However, the video also highlights one example of the misogynistic and repulsive regulations of the Islamic Republic. As evident in this video, women are not allowed to sing solo in performances, since according to the ruling clerics a woman’s voice is too provocative. So women’s voices must be mixed in with men’s (or even better for them to be silent). We’re deprived of hearing some superb female singing b/c of some clerics’ degenerate sexual hangups. Although, on a rare occasion I saw a female solo singing when an Iranian music group was touring abroad.

  2. Beautiful, fascinating music. Thanks so much for the link.

  3. Thank you again, Dr. Cole, for your commentaries, poetry, documentary and now music. The poetry and music of Omar Khayyam will always remain above criticism in spite of the socio/political context in which some see it. Opposites work together.

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