“Smile” – Tamer Hosny and Shaggy’s Feel-Good Arabic Music Video

Egyptian singing star (“the King of Pop”) Tamer Hosny, a late convert to the Egyptian revolution, and Shaggy released this music video, entitled “Smile” a couple of months ago and it is still in ART’s Top Ten.

Since the amount of Smiling, kindness and generosity that goes on every day in the Arab world is under-appreciated in the West, am posting it here. It is set in New York.

Hosny had earlier in the last decade been known as a supporter of the Mubarak regime, and when he changed his mind and tried to perform last winter in Tahrir Square, he was attacked and had to be ushered away by the military.

This is a valiant attempt to figure out the lyrics:

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2 Responses

  1. There are only a few blogs I read daily, Juan Cole’s and Paul Krugman’s chief among them. Messrs Krugman and Cole are both about my age, both eminent thinkers of our day, and now are both offering music clips by artists of my childrens’ generation.

    As a Mad Man might put it, “I came for the insight and analysis but stayed for the music.”

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