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  1. I’m so confused may be its just that I only have a HS education but Al (I did the right thing for Amerika) owns a home in Malibu, Calif. on the water. Yes the bat-shit-crazy rommo is building the dream home of the elite but why do I care what al has to say. I believe citizens of the so called advance nations have excelled the problem but I don’t see this Nation Amerika coming close to what being done in old Europe and China. I’m glad at this time in my life I’m old so I won’t have to watch the death of the planet. George Carlin covered this. I don’t not have anyone to follow me in name a decision I made a long time ago when it become evidenced this country was headed down the spiral of fascism. How sad

  2. jo6pac — we may not be our brother’s keeper, but we are all human and will be succeeded by the next generations, whether they are our kids or not.

    There is much to deplore. Global Warming is the biggest. Oligarchy in USA (government by large corporations) is another and deeply intertwined with the first. Fascism, the secrecy-state, the security-state, the anti-terrorist-state, and the imperialist-state (making wars which to others must seem the way terrorism seems to us) — are all reasons to wish and act for change.

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