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  1. Dear Professor Cole

    Your readers may be interested in an apparent shift of position coming from Tel Aviv.

    link to intelnews.org

    The hair trigger nature of the situation seems to be highlighted by this.

    The experienced Israeli intelligence correspondent Ronen Bergman argues that the decision to attack Iran militarily “will be driven to an extraordinary extent by intelligence reports” produced by Washington and Tel Aviv. For this reason, he argues, “even a slight intelligence gaffe could have an outcome of historic proportions”. Furthermore, he calls on America and Israel not to rely on “scraps of information […] as the basis for action against Iran”, insisting that “a miscalculation could be the worst possible outcome”.

  2. Does Ronen Bergman speculate about who will respond first to a “slight intelligence gaffe?” Washington is named first, then Israel. Is the ongoing
    determination to portray Iran as a war mad nation just an attempt to secure likelihood of a larger than ever US military presence in the middle east ? The anti-war sentiment of awakening US voters as the election approaches may be a big surprise for anyone who thinks that 4.5k young US lives and countless billions of dollars, not to mention our reputation in the world, is just a drop in the bucket of what we can afford. cheers, rmdw

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