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    • Indeed, the similarities are remarkable, but I think the more accurate observation would be “JC” looks very much like BF.

  1. Oh my gosh. The only problem without wars, the billionaire and millionaire owners, share holders and corporations that makeup the American Military Industrial Complex would loose billions if not trillions of dollars annually. The annual costs of MIC just keeps adding to the National Debt of 16 trillion dollars, taking away funds that could be invested in America’s economy, growth and prosperity.

    Thus, arbitration and peace is avoided at all costs as illustrated by the spin and lies by Congress and the mass news media on how Iran will soon become a nuclear threat. Note, that the last time Iran attacked and invaded a country was one or two hundred years ago. I did not, but may read all 61 oomments of the “Israel – Iran Military Comparison” at: link to juancole.com

    I’m just a 71 year old swimmer, politically ignorant that’s fed up with the failure of the politicians, Secretaries of the Treasury and other so called experts in screwing up, not performing their jobs, aka negligence of duty nor representing and relating to the 99% of Americans for almost 100 years if not for decades more.

    100 years: the Federal Reserve Act was signed in 1914 and marks the birth of history’s greatest Ponzi scheme or scam.

  2. “Give me the money that has been spent in war
    and I will clothe every man, woman, and child
    in an attire of which kings and queens will be proud.
    I will build a schoolhouse in every valley over the whole Earth.
    I will crown every hillside with a place of worship
    consecrated to peace.”
    ~ Charles Sumner, American politician & statesman ☮

    • Thanks Professor Cole and Kat for Benjamin Franklin and Charles Sumner. I read Wikipedia on both and was extremely impressed. Both were honorable individuals, “exceptional statesmen” that stuck to their positions, morales and kept them.

      Ralph W. Emerson wrote of Sumner: “—In Congress, he did not rush into party position. He sat long silent and studious. His friends, I remember, were told that they would find Sumner a man of the world like the rest; “it is quite impossible to be at Washington and not bend; he will bend as the rest have done.’ Well, he did not bend. He took his position and kept it….—”
      link to en.wikipedia.org

      I’m not well read, politically ignorant.
      Who are the “exceptional statesmen” of today, if any?
      Please list a few.

      I prejudicially believe that most politicians spend the majority of their time working with special interests for their future reelections and for their personal gain in wealth and power. There’s so much bending in Washington.

      Enlighten me, thanks.

      • Hi A Fed Up Swimmer,

        Glad you read about Franklin and Sumner. I look everything up too.

        I agree that today, with the GOPTea paralyzing congress, it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad, but there are some great statesmen. Senator Bernie Sanders, for starters. I’ll never forget his railing on for 8 hours to an empty Senate chamber, fighting for the middle-class. That was the most inspiring political act I’ve seen in congress in my lifetime. But there are other elected representatives who stand and fight for the 99%, for the environment, for women’s rights, for gun control and for an end to war: Al Franken, ,Jackie Spear, Sherrod Brown, Barbara Boxer, Dennis Kucinich, Carolyn McCarthy and Kirsten Gilibrand all come to mind.

        Then there are a few that I hope will be elected to congress: Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin and Tammy Duckworth, to name three. I think Hilary Clinton is a wonderful stateswoman. She was an effective Senator from New York and far as I know, she’s been an effective Secretary of State. She gave an inspiring speech in 2008 at the DNC, especially the part where she quoted Harriet Tubman. I’ll never forget that.

        Barbara Jordan was a brilliant stateswoman. She said one of my favorite things about Americans because I know in my heart it’s true:

        “What the people want is very simple —
        they want an America as good as its promise.”
        ~ Barbara Jordan, Congresswoman, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

      • I was impressed with the speech that Senator Robert Byrd gave in 03 the day before the attack on Iraq. One of the very few that stood up against this atrocious war that was a big lie to the American people.

        link to youtube.com

    • Maybe if the Olde Englishe equivalents of the neocons and the current financialists and the Smoot-Hawleys of their day had been a little wiser and less interested in short-term personal gain and the playing out of their fantasies on the lives of others, maybe if wiser heads had prevailed, you would not have had the Stamp Act and the other triggers of the REBELLION, or whatever you want to call it, that ended up with Hessians in Manhattan and all the rest.

      But then people are always coming up with cute and quaint ideas on how to subjugate and invade and repress and suppress and kill each other, and are really good at putting up judicially and ecclesiastically sanctioned rationales, pretty pasteboard over the simple greed and innate violence of our species.

  3. Dear Ben,

    Whenever some entity figures it can take something from another, or otherwise enhance its power and prestige, on the cheap.

    You really are great. Don’t ever change.

  4. Time to be Mr. Barbarian again, and remind everyone that if I truly believed in a cause as a moral absolute, I would obey no arbitration, no negotiation, no UN resolution, and no peacekeeping force that opposed me. And people who think like that, rightly or wrongly, have a power that no one else has, and no one else can stand against.

    There are situations where people feel they must win or die. Worse, there are situations where two conflicting peoples feel they must defeat the other or existence itself is not worthwhile. Until some transnational agency can work out the means to prevent these insane situations from even beginning, any peacemaking effort is potentially unjust, like some of the doozies the international community has tried to get Palestinians to swallow in order to bury the issue of land theft.

    And yes, people can lie, and deliberately brainwash their children, and deceive the media and historians, to intentionally put their nation in a win-or-die siutation. They can claim their “way of life” requires enslaving others, or that their God promised them some dirt, or that their overthrown ruling class must be exterminated to the last child. We can say that international law can determine these to be unjust positions in arbitration of conflicts. We will find we haven’t stopped many wars if we can’t account for people with this mentality.

  5. If war is there to avoid unnecessary conflicts then war is the answer. Parents are punished, brutalized and owned by the injustice of having their children dismembered. Then the question is not how to optimize the life expectancies of people yet alive. The question is how to accept and come to term with this injustice. For parents there is no option. They may wish to die or die fighting. For USA president the option is to send the drones. Drones will bring this conflict to minimal necessary end.

    • You’ve got an exaggerated notion of what “the drones” are capable of accomplishing. This ain’t the climactic battle scene in “The Return of the King,” where all the Good People get all excited that “The Eagles are coming! The Eagles are coming!”

      The real trick is to keep tabs on all the Saurons out there, and keep them from developing the latest technology for making Rings of Power. Good luck with that, of course… that train left the station long ago.

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