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  1. Juan Cole gives an original and inventive; journey across the Middle East with the essence of the powerful imagery and with sharp-eyed narrative.

  2. Thanks for your recent photos and quotes by Orwell and D.H. Lawrence. Your website is always a place to go for the truth in the Middle East, and it is reassuring to know there are rational people out there among all the crazies. Keep up the good work!

  3. “One’s own religion” – well, why not? The “payload” of any religion is the code of ethics. All the rest – the trappings of dogma, ritual, holidays, ‘holy’ writings, the sense of being ‘special’ which religions use to artificially distinguish one from the other – are really just the sugar coat around the pill of the code of conduct. Prayer, at best, consists of you talking to your Better Self.

    So, why restrict yourself to the “brands” already out there, even cafeteria style, when you can knit your own? Then you will never outgrow it, or suffer a loss of faith.

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