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  1. Dear Mr. Cole, are you going to publish these translations as a book? if so i highly suggested include the Persian version too. It is really important for us (Iranians) to see how you interpret Khayam’s soul.
    good luck

  2. These guys knew that a humane civilization could not be sustained without a strong spiritual base. Secularism has led to the rise of capitalism and the failure of the egalitarian social dream. Christianity has been co-opted, and is now relevant only to historians and emotionalists. Islam is presently the most viable force opposing corporate fascism.

    • The rise of capitalism began with Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. Haven’t you heard of the “Protestant work ethic”? The merchant classes of Germany decided that Luther gave them a better God than the Pope and threw in with him. Thus, usury ceased to be a sin, landowning was no longer favored over finance, and that bastard Calvin could preach that getting rich was a sign of God’s favor.

      There was no egalitarian social dream until the poor saw the bourgeoise get away with this heresy. The first I’ve heard of were Thomas Munster’s movement, which Protestant princes exterminated with Luther’s thumbs-up, and the Diggers and Levellers who arose in the army that Cromwell created so his bourgeoise Puritans could overthrow the feudalist King. The first broad-based egalitarian movements to get anywhere came AFTER agnostic writers like Voltaire and Tom Paine stirred up revolution in their countries. It is ridiculous to blame anything on secularism before 1776.

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