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  1. I believe Jimmy Carter was a captain of a nuclear submarine, a commander, much higher-ranked than a lieutenant.
    A nuclear physics degree as well, I’m thinking.

  2. Romney makes so many mistakes in talking about the Middle East and also about many or most other issues. He displays confusion, ignoranance, anger, phony smiles and crazy solutions.

    How in the heck can any sound, thinking individual even consider him as a candidate for the presidency?

    I suggest a boycott of all ignorant, lying, spinning, manipulating and deceitful political candidates and incumbents. Maybe 10% would be exempt from such a boycott?

    Concentrate on political candidates and incumbents that are honest, intelligent, wise, truthful, non-manipulating, without spin and with wise solutions.

    Why so much corruption? Perhaps because the average? American listens to the mass news media that no longer investigates and verifies most of what they report. Thus, Americans don’t know the actual news and facts. The controlled mass news media reports as directed and approved by their billionaire/millionaire owners. Freedom of the mass news media, not in America. The PBS NewsHour, a sick tragedy show of propaganda.

    Excuse any mistakes. I’m political ignorant, 71, have dysfunctional memory and fed up with the dangerous controlled politics and news media in America.

    I guess most Americans are so busy working, being soccer moms or whatever that they don’t have time to search for real news and information. They turn on the TV or listen to the news in their cars, but only get propaganda and lies.

    How many Americans read Informed Comment or other sources of honest, relatively verified news and information? 1%?

    Are Americans addicted to sensationalism because it makes them feel alive?

    Take the sound effects and background music out of movies and I believe many Americans would fall asleep with many movies since the acting is crap. I enjoy many movies directed by Clint Eastwood since the sound effects and background music is kept to a minimum. Hollywood should have mandatory ratings for sound effects and music:
    Excellent = no music, only real sound effects, no abnormal sound effects for punching, no super strength scenes…..

    • Kudos, Fed, for common sense and decency. One might hope that both were as virulent as the viciousness and insanity and inanity that are so horribly and futilely pandemic. Too bad so many of us can’t do other than sleepwalk through our lives of unaware and enormous and mortal mutual vulnerability, without our shots of adrenalin and testosterone and heavily advertised boozes…

  3. Willard Romney is Thurston Howell III, from Gilligan’s Island. A pompous, simple-minded buffoon who has had everything handed to him on a silver platter all of his life. He was born rich and got richer. Big whoop! Some achievement. Obama, while not my favorite president and far from being a true progressive, at least got where he is today by hard work, intelligence and tenacity. The fact that Romney is even close in the polls is a tribute to the stupidity and gullibility of the American public!

    • Stephen, perhaps much of the stupidity and gullibility of Americans is due to the controlled mass news media. Many Americans are too busy working at break neck speeds, keeping their jobs in an excessively competitive world and just trying to raise their families in the computer age.

      They don’t have the time nor energy to question what they watch. Thus, turn on the TV, watch the controlled mass news media and continue sleepwalking. Even the PBS NewsHour is junk that keeps them ignorant and brainwashed with lies, deceit and the propaganda of the ruling billionaires.

      How many Americans take the time and energy to search the web for truths? 10% ????? Many Americans vote democratic since it’s the lessor of two evils.

      How many have heard or watched Informed Comment??
      I’ve asked several hundreds and only 2 or 3.

      Have you read Cole’s biography? He added it sometime in the last week or month. I only read it 3 days ago and was totally amazed at how well qualified he is for the presidency. He would make a great president if not one of the greatest. For areas that he is inexperienced in he would delegate, delegate to get his real experts and academics to search, analyze and provide him with the truths so that he can make wise, informed decisions.

      Am I wrong about Obama? Why didn’t he put a freeze on foreclosures his first, second or third week, month or year? In Britain the government stopped foreclosures and rented the homes to the owners so that mortgages could be modified keeping the owners in their homes? Win win?

      Has Obama made it public knowledge that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation whose main goal is keeping their owners, 10 American and foreign big banks and the old established billionaire families or what ever they are, excessively rich while the masses struggle, many losing their jobs and homes. Nationalize the Fed and banks?

      No. Keep those responsible for the failures and crises in control.

      Forgot, President Kennedy and brother Robert wanted to nationalize the Fed, but they were assassinated. Coincidence or not? Perhaps this scares off honest candidates.

      “–Furthermore, Obama brazenly undermined the power of Congress by insisting his authority came from the United Nations Security Council and that Congressional approval was not necessary. “I don’t even have to get to the Constitutional question.””

      Is Obama playing Congress and will become a great president? I don’t think so. Am I wrong?

      Honestly, I am politically ignorant, 71, have dysfunctional memory and fed up with the dangerous controlled politics and news media in America.

      Please, “Reply” corrections to all incorrect observations.

      • Actually if knowing French isn’t an absolute bar to the presidency, surely Arabic and Persian are.

    • Andrew Bacevich’s book “The New American Militarism” attempted an explanation of why Republicans with no military service can call Democrats who are veterans (like John Kerry) traitors and peaceniks. He pointed to a 1980 Reagan campaign speech where the bastard semantically shifted the burden of patriotism from “serving the country” to “supporting the troops”. Because Reagan had done nothing in his Army service but make propaganda movies, he magically tied himself to the new generation of draft-free Americans who wanted someone else to do the dirty work of war, while the rest of us “supported” them by blindly cheering for warmongerers who get them killed. Thus it becomes impossible to criticize the war as useless and wasteful without being accused of calling the troops those things.

      I think something like this also applies to Stephen Kriz’ comment above about Romney’s silver spoon. Free enterprise is no longer about the genuine ability of men to rise via small business, government service, academia, etc. It is a ritual of blind support for the tiny corporate nobility that we expect to keep us in goodies even as our social mobility increasingly disappears. Producing actual goods, or inventing actually useful machines (as Carter helped do), or especially rising by any means except by serving the corporate idols, is now a subversion of a tribal hierarchy that says the only useful humans are billion-buck salesmen of financial scams, because all the lower-level white petty bourgeoise owe their own positions to the favorable judgment of those princelings. If a Bush or Romney is proven a fool, the little Bushes and Romneys who run our lives know we might start recognizing them as useless parasites.

      If you can’t criticize the barons, and you can’t criticize the knights, you are a dumb powerless serf.

    • I think that progressive ire towards Carter has to do with his lack of enthusiasm for traditional Democratic programs. In ’80 this led to Ted Kennedy’s serious run against Carter, knowingly risking his own party’s hold on the White House, on the grounds that Carter had betrayed the soul of the party as defined by FDR. People now think that Kennedy’s run was very damaging for both Carter and the party.

      However, Kennedy was right in the long run. Centrist Southern Dems have failed to educate the citizenry on WHY the Depression and New Deal happened and why we couldn’t go back to ’20s laissez faire – instead Clinton embraced it.

      Now the actual reason progressives should be pissed at Carter is because his national security adviser boasted, years later, that he and Carter made the decision to intervene in Afghanistan BEFORE the Soviets even invaded; that in fact he warned Carter that the CIA aiding the Islamists might provoke that very invasion, but that he secretly hoped Carter would do it because he wanted the Soviets to get slaughtered and ruined in Afghanistan. That is a very serious black mark on both men. Millions have died in Afghanistan because of that, our subsequent escalation of aid in conjunction with Saudi fanatics and Pakistani tyrants is one of the prime causes of the current wars on Islam (we created the very enemy we now butcher), and millions of Russians died of hunger and deprivation after the collapse of the USSR (“shortened life expectancies” is the euphemism used to report this).

      On the other hand, if I’d been President I would probably have okayed the aid AFTER the invasion, and all of these terrible things would have happened anyway. I don’t think Carter did it out of bloody vindictiveness, but he created the worst of both worlds: dragging America to an imperial role in the Middle East, yet still cleverly damned by Reaganite propaganda for being too wimpy and pacifistic, thus meaning Reagan got a free pass to double down on the madness.

      • one detail i remember running across in an article about how people transitioned the soviet union collapse. housing was owned by government and people didn’t pay rent.

        what a concept.

  4. Hey, man, don’t you know it’s part of the Narrative? And one is not supposed to go against the Narrative, is one, at the risk of being told to “STFU” and being ostracized, marginalized, minimized…

    At least there’s enough documentation floating around, credible or created, to make up whatever kind and shape of “history” and “current affairs” you care to. Gives future historians and pundits something to do, helps fill the dead air with deadly dysinformation…

  5. Make no mistake — this is a lame attempt to breathe life into the Reagan vs. Carter fight, this time with Romney attempting to say he won’t be such a wimp as the right wishes to cast Obama as. The details of military service, religion, etc. are tertiary.

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