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  1. I appreciate his position. At the same time, I wonder if such a visionary as Jefferson was thinking about all the ways organized religion picks our pocket by exemption from taxes, or breaks our legs by dragging us into theocratic wars.

  2. In his time there were no such things as Magachurches abd I doubt he or any other for saw such institutions. What he did know about the civil strife that began when Henry VIII broke with Rome, his daughter Mary that restored those ties and her sister Elizabeth who severed them once again. Shortly after her death the English Civil War raged across Britain for 20 years, a war motivated largely by who had the divine right to rule. Given the events contemporary to his time I imagine clear seperation seefed a more prudent policy choice.

  3. Hi
    This is the position of Islam
    Which nobody emphasizes
    :to me my religion and to you yours”
    Surah Al kafiroon
    One more thing
    In Quran The Creator admonishes Muslims to convey the truth but guidance is unto HIM,i.e. NO Compulsion in Religion
    Those who say Islam SPread by Sword let them Look at Indonesia and Malaysia as examples
    India and the like are Muslim Empires they have Nothing to do with ISLAM

  4. Religious picks no man’s pocket with exemptions from taxes for churches themselves. The Supreme Court ruled that “the power to tax is the power to destroy.”

    Do we suppose that if some of the politicians around today had to power to tax, that they would refrain from taxing churches with doctrines they oppose–out of business.

    As for theocratic wars, I’ve successfully resisted being dragged into them. It’s a free country.

  5. I believe that Jefferson’s comments have to do with the fact that a man’s religion is his own business and not that of the state. In his time, if one did not believe in the “acceptable” religion, one would be subject to persecution. It was certainly true in England and in most of Europe. Even today, a Roman Catholic is legally prevented from assuming the throne of England.

  6. Thomas Jefferson isn’t faced with the overwhelming denial that we currently deal with in the present day modern world. Educated men back then new better, but being educated was a luxury back then. They knew that religion controls people and that the average man couldn’t handle complex ideas and needed something to cling too. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today and saw how much information flows through us through the internet and even the public school system and still we have to deal with creationist acting like there bullshit opinion should be taught as a fact along actual facts and they ACTUALLY THINK THAT MAKES SENSE. THEY DON’T SEE IT. its so fascinating, but sad none the less.

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