100 Dead in Fresh Syrian Massacre

Activists accused the Syrian Baath Party of committing yet another massacre on Wednesday, this time at Qubair in Hama Province. Around 100 are said to have been killed. In what has become a modus operandi, it is alleged that Syrian artillery pulled up and bombarded the town, which had sided with the rebels, and gave cover for the pro-regime shabiha militia, which moved in with guns and knives About 20 of those killed were children, and another 20 were women.

The news came as the Russian foreign minister warned that any intervention in Syria would bring catastrophe in its wake. China reaffirmed that it is on the same page as Russia.

Looks as though this thing is going to go on for a while.

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  1. We are witnessing genocide taking place on a weekly basis …and China and Russia talk impending “Catastrophe” should there be an intervention? At what level does killing babies meet the criteria for catastrophe?

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