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  1. I keep hoping the U.K. will finally arrest Murdoch and then, my dream goes, the USA can dismantle Faux over here. Broadcasting lies 24/7 must not continue, for pity’s sake, if not the Republic’s.

    Farleigh Dickinson University did a study and found that those who watch Fox actually know less about the news than if they’d never watched it.

    link to rollingstone.com

    Thank goodness for Rachel Maddow, Professor Cole, Amy Goodman, Al Jazeera and the BBC, for starters, because at least I know I’m getting facts with them and not Faux/Rove/Norquist/Koch/ALEC/GOPTea/rightwing ideology instead of news which is all Faux has to offer, as this cartoon illustrates.

  2. This is worth thinking about in a cool, productive way. If only to understand what’s happening. There must be a related X-Step recovery program…

    I’ve disciplined myself to sit and watch Fox for a couple hours, and then compare it to the (relatively accessible) alternative: You have to admire those guys, assuming you’re from Mars and have the luxury.

    One thing Fox does is stay on message as the continuously repeat their points. In human psychology the “if there’s smoke there must be fire” instinct is hard-wired. Considering the fall match-up, they have 6-8 points to erode Obama with, versus the Demo’s 1 (or is it 2? eg, Romney’s rich and out of touch). Their folks simple ignore the demo points, silently conceding Romney’s rich and excuse him; the kenya thing, on the other hand, will never just never go away, even if only a reminder of having heard nothing new in X months. Why is that??? Not worth going into their campaign chapter and verse, but in terms a ruthless and professional execution, the Demo’s look like amateurs.

    Now take at look at what opposes Fox. Colbert/Stewart/Maher are a bunch of comedians. They ridicule with no follow up; their points are clothed in laughter. Their producers simply repackage the raw ammo the republicans GIVE them. As they say (including Letterman), “you cannot make this stuff up!” Then you have the MSNBC commentators, who in a more indignant way dismantle the idiocy piecemeal. In their own way, both groups are satisfied to simply ridicule the transparent stupidity.

    What they apparently do not see is how Fox deliberately APPROPRIATES whatever themes might emerge against them. For example Class Warfare is something they now yell and scream about, but this began as soon as progressive media discerned how the middle-class was being hollowed-out. Thus, they gain the initiative and ownership of the heading, the phraseology, and the talking point. Identify and attack along the lines of your greatest weaknesses, which would be the same as your opponents greatest strength.

    In sum, however, what we see is a commitment to ideology, as opposed to knee-jerk reactions from those who think good secular thinking is so obviously the only rational way to proceed that it will, in due course, naturally carry the day. They are wrong.

  3. This cartoon certainly speaks the truth. However, I have to say, it’s not particularly subtle, funny, or well drawn. Simply polemic.

  4. Another example of how this works is unfolding at this moment. Romney’s weakness being he’s out of touch, they are now attacking Obama on this precise point. The salvo they just launched was locked and loaded, and they were just waiting for the opportunity to unload.

    As a word, propaganda must have roots in the notion of dissemination. And to disseminate any idea, relentless repetition is key. Similarly, if you want to defend against it you need to confuse the point. The best way to to this is to hijack it. Jujitsu, as it were. Think of how Kerry’s war record was not only distorted, but turned ACTIVELY against him. The brilliance of the Swift-boaters, aside from their timing (where it was tough to effectively respond), was how they were able to latch onto, and leverage their impact, against what was rationally the strength of Kerry’s war record.

  5. I know a 70 year old man who’s only income is a 700$ Social Security check. It doesn’t cover his expenses. His TV doesn’t work, but he interacts with people online who are like those in this cartoon. He believes Obama is a foreign-born Muslim. It’s too bad that the poor are being fed so much disinformation that some of them participate in their own decline.

  6. Fox News – As fair as an Iranian election, as balanced as Charlie Sheen on a 3-day bender.

  7. People believe what they see/hear on outlets like Fox because the “news” reinforces prejudices. Liberals tend to believe liberal media for the same reason – and may like cartoons like this. Fox viewers are not being hyponotized, they are just being told what they want to hear. Telling them they are stupid for doing this won’t accomplish anything.

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