Fox Smears Mursi with “Jerusalem Capital” Lie (Murphy)

Anyone who watches Jon Stewart regularly knows that Fox News deliberately lies and manipulates video to fearmonger on behalf of the American Right wing.

But Dan Murphy of the Christian Science Monitor catches them in a massive scam about Egypt’s new president.

Fox passed off a video of a radical Muslim preacher, Safwat Higazi, as being a speech by Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi. In the speech, the preacher calls for Jerusalem to be the capital of Egypt.

Mursi is an anti-Zionist, but he is a Ph.D. in engineering from USC and not known as a wild man.

The Muslim Brotherhood is being positioned by the American Right as the new bogie man, in their quest to make America and the world Muslim rein. As Murphy says, this is just the beginning.

And, alas, I don’t imagine he’ll get much thanks or reward for setting the record straight. Nor will we be able to get back out of people’s heads the falsehoods planted there by billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who steals your telephone messages and bullies governmental leaders.

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10 Responses

  1. Dear Professor Cole

    I should refer Fox to a book called “the Bible”. It has a bit in it called Exodus.

    It describes the journey from Sharia al Abid in Giza to places like Jericho and suchlike.

    It might eventually dawn on Fox that they have got their rivers mixed up, and that the Egyptians live near the Nile whereas Jerusalem is quite near the Jordan.

    Of course this an understandable mistake. There was a Mister Cheney who got the Tigris and Euphrates mixed up with the Jordan a few years ago. He was looking in the wrong bit of the Bible called Kings.

  2. The Christian Science Monitor story notes some details that suggest the source for this deliberate and malicious falsehood maybe the same David Nesenoff who baited Helen Thomas into comments that resulted in her forced resignation (comments which, if made about Arabs — as they daily are by conservatives — receive applause in the US from the likes of Rep. Peter King, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, etc.)

  3. And you know why? Because Fox News viewers really really care for women’s rights in Egypt…

  4. Mursi also was an engineer at NASA.

    I knew a Palestinian immigrant who was in a doctoral program in engineering at USC and stated likely over 90% of the students admitted to the program were foreign-born.

    Many of the world’s political leaders have been engineers – Boris Yeltsin, Yasser Arafat, Herbert Hoover, and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, to name a few.

    I expect Mursi to be a good leader of Egypt and assist in the peace process in the Middle East.

  5. Yes, the mass comedy news shows are sick, dangerous, hypnotic propaganda, controlled by the insane billionaires and their corrupt millionaire puppets.

    Vote in honest, intelligent, wise, heartful and caring academics, engineers, cultural anthropologist and others that are not part of the insane rich elite that corruptively support, protect and insure themselves and only their kin perpetuation to the end of time or of America.

    Get rid of the phony, story telling, lying legal educated politicians and candidates that are insane millionaires and billionaires that don’t and can’t relate nor represent the 99% of Americans.

    Keep this pertinent real news and solutions coming about the systemic corruption in the US Government and throughout America in all forms of mass news media shows, the elections and politics, the financial industry with its Federal Reserve-a private corporation, the FDA with its conflict of interest executives, etc.

    Get rid of the phony, story telling, lying legal educated politicians and candidates that are insane millionaires and billionaires. Ban the rich and their money from politics.

    My preference are people that are spiritual, heartful and caring over the seriously religious.

    We are here on Earth to help others and ourselves do our individual and collective best striving for and sometimes reaching perfection, without judgment. When you experience perfection you will know it by recall. Nothing lasts. Just keep allowing your judgmental to pass, don’t grab hold of them or block them. Without judgment you’ll glimpse freedom.

    • Speaking of glimpsing freedom, a concept and shibboleth that so many yearn about and moon over, without much attempt at understanding what it means, even to them: You could do worse than read some old stuff by a guy named H. G. Wells, who wrote a book I just came across as part of a Nook gift: “The World Set Free.” link to Took me over the emotional top…

      We could all do so much better. Too bad it’s so likely that we won’t.

  6. Any particular reason you fail to mention that Higazi gave the speech at an MB rally for Morsi, and that Morsi himself was there? That’s not relevant but the fact that Morsi has a PhD is?

    • You do know that a) that is a ridiculous response to the misidentification of Mursi as Higazi; and that b) you are in the grip of a zealotry that leads you into logical fallacies and propaganda. You’ve been in the audience when people have said things to which you don’t subscribe.

    • Any particular reason, Mark, why you fail to mention that the CSM article from Dan Murphy specifies that Mursi was there, distanced himself from the comments? Apart from Professor Coles’ astute analysis in (b) that is.

  7. Why does the state of Israel want Jerusalem as their capital. Why does Egypt want Jerusalem as their capital. (Isaiah 27:13). *Jeremiah 11:9 And the Lord said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. (The first covenant was broken (Jeremiah 11:10) reading Acts 7:8 and he gave him the covenant of circumcision: *Acts 7:51* The new covenant is Hebrews 8:7 equals Jeremiah 31:31

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