Omar Khayyam (153) “they do not even reckon them as human”

The elite and lofty crowd who
hold exalted office
are disgusted at the life of 
grief and bother that they suffer.
But when they consider the ones who,
unlike them, are not the
prisoners of high ambition–
the amazing thing is that they do not
even reckon them as human.

Translated by Juan Cole
from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, [pdf] Whinfield 153

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  1. Sorry Omar, I have to go with the elite on this, humanity probably went extinct the day Adam and Eve got kicked out of the heavens and all that is left is its collective sore behind.
    آدمی در عالم خاکی نمی‌آید به دست / عالمی دیگر بباید ساخت و از نو آدمی

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