Supreme Court declines to take US Health Care in Direction of Sub-Saharan Africa (Map)

Well, we dodged the bullet of looking like Zimbabwe on this issue. But we still need a single payer system. And the court exempting states from medicaid expansion could leave millions uninsured.

(From this site, though I made some changes; China, e.g., at least tries to provide health care to its citizens; and Iraq is now on its own).

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3 Responses

  1. I doubt that foreigners are awed by the majesty of American law in this situation; rather, they are wondering why this belonged in the courts at all. What kind of crazy people would fight tooth and nail to establish healthcare as a privilege and force people into bankruptcy and premature death from circumstances they could not control? There are times like this when I our deranged brethren in the Republican Party make me ashamed to be an American.

  2. I see, to my surprise, that some Arab oil countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman also have universal health care, or in the case of the VAE are in the proces of getting it (I can’t make out in what category Qatar falls). Does that, however, inlude the millions of migrant workers in those countries? If not – as I suspect – , does that not make it a bit strange to talk of UNIVERSAL health care in these cases?

    • In all the Gulf oil countries, health care and education is universally provided to citizens.

      I don’t know in each case about the situation of the guest workers and would welcome comment from the Gulf on that.

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