You Always Knew it, but Now . . .

There are so many open secrets in our corporatocracy. But precisely because they are the open secrets of powerful multi-billion-dollar concerns with phalanxes of attorneys, which after all themselves own most “news” media, they are the secrets that dare not say their name.

But every once in a while, some evidence for these secrets is proffered to the public, perhaps because the corporation involved has been embroiled in a major (known) scandal and so is too weak to prevent it any more. So here are today’s “You always knew it, but…” revelations:

10. You always knew it, but yesterday former British prime minister John Major admitted that billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch came to his office and threatened him that if he did not change his foreign policy, Murdoch’s corporations “would not be able to support” him. Major confesses to having been overly frightened by the prospect of bad publicity. Murdoch’s Fox Cable News likewise works by intimidation and fear tactics.

9. Even though corporation profits as a percentage of our gross domestic product are at a high for the post-War II period, workers have seen little benefit, since CEO compensation is is now 350 times that of the the average worker, up from 50 times in the period from 1960-1985.

8. You always knew it, but now WHO has officially announced that diesel fumes cause lung cancer.

7. Romney wants to remake Obamacare so that millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions will be excluded from it.

6. The UN peace-keeping head has now pronounced whatever is going on in Syria to be ‘a civil war.’

5. Criminalizing ever more drugs is getting in the way of bio-medical research.

4. Stealth Republican-enacted state laws supposedly intended to prevent voter fraud don’t actually work.

3. Too much dependence on natural gas will cause carbon emissions to sky-rocket, according to the International Energy Agency

2. Even congressmen are having to use strong-arm tactics to find out how many Americans are being spied on by the government.

1. Economic inequality is leading the US to the brink, according to a Nobelist in economics.

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12 Responses

  1. 7. This is a man whose wife is battling MS and cancer with the best healthcare the country has to offer.

  2. “Even congressmen are having to use strong-arm tactics to find out how many Americans are being spied on by the government.”

    With this issue, Michigan’s Congressman Mike Rogers would the one of the men behind the spying. Mike is one man who needs to be strong-manned out of office.

    Romney’s Bain Capital owns Clear Radio and the pay checks of a number of high profile radio host are paid for by Romney’s Bain.

    How many were surprised by Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney? I wasn’t, it was obvious months ago when Joel Skousen gave a endorsement of Romney months ago on Alex Jones show a bait and switch was in the works. The Paul’s did not endorse McCain in 2008. An entire political movement has had the wool pulled over their eyes.

    link to

    • An entire political movement has NOT had the wool pulled over their eyes. This is just another in the long list of attempts to tell Paul supporters that they’ve been duped. Rand Paul is NOT Ron Paul. Rand is at the beginning of his political career and is making politically strategic moves. Ron is near the end of his career and is maintaining his strict adherence to the principles he has espoused all along. Rand is NOT a candidate for the Presidency. The Liberty Movement continues to gain traction, steady and sure, with Ron, not Rand, still at the helm. For a probable understanding of Rand’s political strategy see here:
      link to

      Rand has disagreed with his father on a few important topics, most especially foreign policy. He has not kept this a secret, nor the fact that he would endorse the Republican nominee. There is no surprise. The Ron Paul supporters’ goals and messages are still the same. End the wars, bring the troops home, restore civil liberties, reduce spending, end the bailouts, move toward free market Capitalism, return to a sound monetary policy, audit the Fed, end the Fed, on and on. There are a million secrets in high places not even close to being opened…yet.

  3. In looking at any case, first try to separate the symptoms from the underlying problem. Greed, IMO, is the underlying chronic condition which will never go away but must be constantly addressed to keep in check. Most of these points are symptomatic of the worsening condition that we should use to mobilize ourselves to the seriousness of what’s going on…even for those who’d prefer to feed on others, there’s a point at which you realize you’re pooping in your own bed. It is these people ultimately, who must at some point, recognize it is in their enlightened self-interest to find a more sane balance.

    Here’s a great book that looks at where the road we are now most definitely is taking us:

    On the baselinescenario blog, Simon Johnson comments that it is:

    “a brilliant and sometimes breathtaking survey of country-level governance over history and around the world. Professors Acemoglu and Robinson discern a simple pattern – when elites are held in check, typically by effective legal mechanisms, everyone else in society does much better and sustained economic growth becomes possible. But powerful people – kings, barons, industrialists, bankers – work long and hard to relax the constraints on their actions. And when they succeed, the effects are not just redistribution toward themselves but also an undermining of economic growth and often a tearing at the fabric of society.”

    • There are people from all walks of life,educational background, and political view and religious view that have no problem rationalizing feeding on another person, if they feel the individual can easily be victimized.

      Webster Tarpley was on Alex Jones this week. Tarpley,IMO, is the nearest to what is occurring in the American society.
      There are something he doesn’t know, because wasn’t and insider witnessing events — but he is close.

    • Here’s the link to Acemoglu and Robinson’s book comparing how countries have historically developed with more/less checks on the elite. It really is worth promoting, tho I have no stake in it!

      link to

  4. The “give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves” phrase comes to mind when experiencing capitalists’ near complete economic and political dominance. They are well on their way to taking away the working class’s ability to earn a comfortable living from selling their labor power for wages. Events will underscore the prescience of the statement, “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.” When the working class has nothing, e.g., living wage jobs, Medicare, Social Security, affordable health care, healthy food, clean air and water, education and so on, they’ll have nothing to lose.

  5. Regarding #4:
    Well, they don’t work to prevent voter fraud. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do exactly what they’re intended to do. I do wonder what they’re supposed to prevent.

    • Want to bet that when the post-Reconstruction white Southerners passed laws imposing literacy tests, the grandfather clause, and poll taxes to dilute the black vote, their excuse was that it would stop voter fraud? Not a damn thing has changed in the hearts of conservatives.

  6. maybe they are just covering up something (like making there some monkey business hidden).

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