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  1. Worth noting, certainly, but the “leadership” in Washington today cliams that the current wars are entirely necessary, rendering such humanitarian arguments moot. You and I would argue the necessity, of course, but we no longer had any voice in government to do so, since both sides embraced the putative necessity.

  2. Does it seem that our policy is now to LOOK for wars instead of ways to avoid them?

    What happened to honor?

  3. Needed: a new category and noun to render nugatory and replace the current Chimaera labeled “war.” What “we” are doing any more is not what the trumpets-drums-and-banners set has in mind when they blab about “the US needs to go to war against Iran (picking a wild outlier example.)” But “we” still resonate in idiot martial slavering to that old myth that the current reality hides behind. Rather, it’s what Smedley Butler named it: A racket, an enormous, self-generating, self-bloating racket. Top to almost-the-bottom, and I would except only those lost souls who enlist in the rosy fog of patriotic macho. So many of whom discover, as several young men in Marines BDUs in various “embedded” videos, speaking from “forward bases” and “outposts” in the infinitely hostile terrain of Notagainistan, have put it, that the only real “mission,” among all the dozens that Really Smart Generals and Really Crafty CIA Spooks and Really Dumb Politicians have told them serially are what they are Over There for, is “staying alive, coming home.” And who then do whatever it takes, when they are sent out on futile asymmetric patrols to “win hearts and minds by encouraging the Hajjis to shoot at them or blast them with IEDs, and then killing a lot of them,” or find themselves in guerrilla-selected ambush battles, to come home alive.

    How great can the gulf between the ground-truth reality and the stupid effing myths that so many of “us” believe get, before there’s no more money and no more troops and no more oil and no more Shining City on a Hill to come home to? It’s a cancer, folks. Don’t you see it? A sneaky, aggressive, malignant, metastatic cancer, tricking us into generating ever more and ever larger arteries to sen ever more of our blood and energy off to be converted into just more terminal tumor tissue.

    Anyone want to take a stab at coming up with a neologism that better describes what the activity formerly tricked out as “war” actually is, these days?

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