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  1. true. i am writing just right now on issues of organ donation in Egypt. the head of physicians syndicate has been furious. it is a multi-billion industry … “haraam, lives are being lost :)

  2. You want to get into aphorisms, OK. I can’t pop them off every day anymore, but I’m good at this one. Let’s go!

    I’m still getting mileage off my fave from 1997. “Which branch of American government is most corrupt? Executive, Legislative, or Judicial? Think about it, which branch of American government is most corrupt?”

    • Progress is not about “most corrupt” or least or worst or best

      life is about loving the ones you’re with – and we are with everyone because there is no “far away” any longer

      The phrase above – politicians acting…loss of profit – stands on its own merit!

    • “Which branch of American government is most corrupt? Executive, Legislative, or Judicial? Think about it, which branch of American government is most corrupt?”

      I am thinking about it and I conclude the Legislative. Next is the Executive. SCOTUS is not far behind either of the two but is the most powerful in certain instances. It is a close race.

  3. The conservative leaders seem to have the emotional maturity of 10 year olds who have lost some game on the playground. Unhinged anger, insistence they really “won”, that the winners cheated, threats of retaliation and revenge. It seems that emotional immaturity is an essential components of modern conservatism, like low IQ.

    • This, a humorous out-take quoted on Slate:

      “[President Obama] does not want you to have the self-esteem of getting up and earning, and having that title of American. He’d rather you be his slave.”

      —Rep. Allen West

      Don’t think these guys know how to push their constituents buttons.

  4. In the case of health insurance (not health care) reform, capitalist insurance and hospital corporations will still profit handsomely, (otherwise it wouldn’t have passed at all) but perhaps just not as much as they would without the law. Therefore, the Republicans are upset. We all get sick and we all get old, if we’re lucky. When we do, we’re vulnerable and we need help. We can’t cure ourselves. The point is, of course, that no one should profit from anyone’s sickness.

    • Well, that’s certainly why GOP contribution-seekers are upset. But what’s sinister is how energetically their followers, who do not objectively benefit from the private insurance oligopoly, have leapt onto the idea that decent health care for the poor is a deep, horrible, even casus belli injustice. For 3 years I’ve been telling people that we have to understand the implications of a right-wing movement that literally cannot be happy unless poor people are suffering due to their presumed lack of… what? Whiteness? Christianity? Entrepreneurship?

      Yet it just seems to go without saying for the true believers, so the mainstream media buys their cover stories and lies about Canada and Europe wholesale. And Prof. Cole’s recent entry about people on average being more against socialized medicine the worse their health is under the current system indicates that they are willing to accept the outcomes that our capitalist class/caste system dishes out to them, as long as they can see even greater suffering among those less “deserving” than themselves. I am not kidding, this is the road back to the Dark Ages, reversing the entire momentum of human progress via growing solidarity since the Renaissance – you know, “secular humanism”.

      Am I out of line in asking whether the foundation of modern American conservatism is sadism?

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