Dear ExxonMobil: This is What Global Warming Looks like

This summer is what global warming looks like: Increased average temperatures, forest fires, extreme weather episodes. Climate change is gradual and a matter of averages. Different parts of the globe will be affected differently. We could have a cold wet summer along the way. But on average, the summer of 2012 is what climate change will look like over time, only this version is the very early, mild one.

Human beings have opened the spigot and are pouring carbon dioxide and soot into the atmosphere in such amounts over a short time that it is unprecedented in earth’s 4.5 billion year history– and that is what is causing the warming, which is just beginning. In the worst case, where we burn all the coal and oil and gas in the world, over the coming centuries we could have an average increase of 9 degrees Fahrenheit, with the entire world being tropical including Antarctica and with a sea rise that would submerge a third of the world’s present land mass.


Climate change no longer Americans’ top environmental concern”.

Hmm. I wonder why?

“Among Republicans, being more informed had no effect on the level of their concern…”

Nine out of ten climate-denying ‘experts’ have ties to ExxonMobil.

Did ExxonMobil break its promise to stop funding climate change deniers?


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7 Responses

      • The responses on that article are terrifying. Half are saying that there is no warming and it’s all a lie by greedy governments and scientists (as if Big Oil lacks the incentives to tell lies of its own), and the other half says that warming will be good for us.

        The first group is being more strategic in its lying. To admit that runaway capitalism is capable of changing climate at all is to open Pandora’s box. If 1 degree is good, we still have to deal with the possibility that 2 degrees is harmful, and 4 degrees catastrophic. Better to deny everything than to leave open questions of liability.

  1. Generally, when a great empire is corrupted and lobotomized by its power, the force that finally overthrows it and exposes its fallacies is the rise of a new empire dedicated, for the time, to better ideas.

    In other words, people are too greedy to give up a bad idea until they see another idea that’s more profitable, not more just.

    Well, how can that happen this time? As Kevin Phillips pointed out in “American Theocracy,” each great new capitalist power in turn has relied on a form of energy that causes even greater pollution. So whomever surpasses America and overthrows its corporate tyranny and discredits its myths must be an even bigger polluter.

    If it comes down to a war, well, there will certainly be a lot fewer people capable of consuming energy afterwards.

  2. Juan is wrong to identify soot (unburnt carbon particles) as a contributor to global warming. Global warming results mainly from the greenhouse effect produced by carbon dioxide(carbon that has been burnt) in the atmosphere. Carbon particles, on the other hand, being black, absorb sunlight leading to less solar heating at ground level. Part of the global warming that has already taken place may result from the virtual elimination of coal as a domestic heating fuel over the last 70 years or so.

    Serious scientists have in fact suggested that we could slow down global warming by injecting small light-absorbing particles into the upper atmosphere. Since carbon dioxide emissions are still increasing, this may become an essential emergency tactic to avoid early disaster.

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