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  1. Teddy Roosevelt was a racist and imperialist scumbag, but he was right on healthcare!

    • Most people of TR’s time were if anything far more racist than he, and imperialism was celebrated openly as “manifest destiny”. Judged by the standards of his day, TR was just this side of a Socialist — and as far as Standard Oil was concerned, he *was* a Socialist.

    • Teddy Roosevelt was a very enlightened man for his time and hardly the “scumbag” your caricature suggests. He was the original “trust buster” against large trusts and monopolies, and he brokered the peace agreement that ended the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War, among many other accomplishments.

  2. There is no other first world conservative party committed to repeal of universal healthcare. There is no other conservative party denial of man-made climate change and its catastrophic effects.

    The Republicans have degenerated to a depraved, low, and vicious state.

  3. Simon: Most people of TR’s time were if anything far more racist than he. This was a time when lynchings were done in broad daylight in busy public squares: link to kganu.net By comparison TR was a bleeding-heart liberal.

  4. I’ve actually changed my mind on Teddy over the years. Teddy was a bit of a warhawk, but I think his rational was more liberation than imperialism in the Spanish-American war (whatever the phony casus belli), where Cuba was probably suffering worse under the Spanish (though I think later presidents dropped the ball on Cuba). Was Teddy’s worst offense the Philippines? He did reprimand officers for blatant abuses in the Philippines, but that could not justify the fact the US was even there.

    I give Teddy a *lot* of credit for refining his later views under his “Progressive Party”, and his famous “bull moose” speech in Milwaukee, given immediately after surviving being shot by an assassin. In my opinion it’s one of the greatest American speeches.

  5. If we are backsliding further and further away from TR’s views on health care and social well-being, you can be certain we will eventually backslide on racism and imperialism, because all these failures are a return to the past, and all these injustices in the past worked together to maintain control of the poor by the rich.

    In other words, all forms of inequality are branches of one ideological principle, which our enlightened forefathers labored to overcome – and which we are falling back into.

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