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  1. Dear Professor Cole

    On behalf of the disenfranchised suppliers of Auxilliary Troops and consumer markets in Rest of World may I express my thanks for publishing this.

    What would have made it perfect would have been the Iron Triangle if you had added in a picture of John Bolton and his moustache as Secretary of State.

    link to foreignpolicy.com


  2. Intrade puts her chances at 10 % (fourth place). Perhaps this is because of her abortion stance, lack of elected political background, or for fear that she would alienate the racist vote. CS Monitor thinks that the Romney camp started the rumor to deflect interest in Bain etc. If so, it may have backfired, insofar as it will now be awkward for Romney to choose a white guy instead.

  3. Tax cheats and war criminals aren’t going to win the next election. The Republican party, which is the party and legacy of Gingrich, not Reagan, have ignorantly or by design started a class war they cannot win.

    The Democrats have been rather indecisive and feeble in countering the war against the middle classes due to losing their way and complicity. Obama however, is smartly framing the next election as to who rules America, the 1% or 99%.

    James Carville, the author of its “the economy, stupid,” with far greater foresight realizes that today’s mantra is its “the Middle Class, stupid,” not the economy.

  4. I’m not sure about Ms. Rice, but I notice more and more that the neo-cons from the Bush Administration are rallying around Romney. They say to me “Back to Bush” and not “Forward”.

    As for Romney being a tax cheat, he may abide by the tax code – he’s is one of the few who understand it – but he is willing to abide by tax laws that favor him, as many tax laws do. Or were you referring to his sheltering money in offshore accounts.

    Would a President Romney be able to close tax loopholes? Obama set out to do that but ended up with a Congress pledged to Grover Norquist and to Norquist’s dogmatic stand against tax increases. The country needs to retire the Norquist Congress.

    What else can Romney offer the country? Exactly how will he create jobs? His talent for creating jobs is eluding me.

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