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  1. Most significant thing is surely what is missing – Parliament. But are there really no arrows leading outwards from SCAF?

    • SCAF is parliament

      Arrows from Tantawi imply SCAF– he is their agent in the executive

  2. The “Flow Chart of Authority in Today’s Egypt (!!!)” triggered some mental image flashes:

    The resultant fear, anger, ugliness, corruption that a “Flow Chart of Authority in Today’s America would expose.

    “Pandora’s Box”, too dangerous to open and acknowledge?

    Do more people throughout the Middle East have belief in their God or Gods than Americans?

    Has God in America been basically replaced by $$$ and fear?

    Any chance for the Golden Rule?

    • Well, the Founding Fathers intentionally made the US flowchart complicated because they didn’t trust democracy. As the country’s wealthiest men they had reasons for this not necessarily valid for anyone else. But they also left the door open in the Constitution for future Americans to amend the situation, which has made the flowchart more democratic, but even more complicated.

      • I think of US Republicanism as a buffered Democracy, increasingly less so since the founding, due to how Senators are now elected. A org chart along the above lines would have them on the outside of several concentric circles.

        But maybe, along with Egypt, the size of arrows inputing the deliberative body and presidency might be adjusted to reflect their influence. This chart implies the people have a equal input in Egypt. Maybe so, and what of the US case?

  3. I may be mistaken, but the Egyptian army is deeply embedded in the commercial and foreisn affairs of the country. They will continue to play a critical role in the evolution of Egypt’s position relative to it’s neighbors, particularly Israel.

  4. Professor Cole, this is a great idea. Here is a chart that adds many of the players that you left out. It also adds some of the wit and wisdom of your friend the Angry Arab.

    1. TIts probably better that we call them org charts (here is the boss, and these are the people who report to him) than flow charts (this event happens, and then that one)

    2. I have left out God and Corporations from my chart, since all entities (not just the Muslim Brotherhood) work for them. Where would Israel and Saudi be without the holly places?

    link to imgur.com

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