Is Michele Bachmann an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood?

It has become increasingly apparent that politics and business often attract psychopaths, because of the opportunities they offer for the gratification of narcissism, grandiosity, sadism and other severe pathologies.

For psychopaths, really on an Anders Breivik pre-massacre level, no one takes the cake in American politics more than Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, of Minnesota’s 6th District.

Bachmann has recently been charging that the federal government is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and gives poor Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and wife of former congressman Anthony Weiner, as her evidence. I mean, this stuff is reminiscent of the LaRouchies and of Nixon’s dirty tricks, and of course of McCarthyism.

But as Karl Marx remarked, everything in history occurs twice, first as tragedy, and the second time as farce. Bachmann is the farce.

But the irony is that Bachmann is right. There is a figure in the Federal government that has suspicious ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim fundamentalist movement that began in Egypt in 1928. It is Michele Bachmann.

1. Bachmann is a major supporter of the MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq or People’s Holy Jihadis), an Iranian terrorist group that joined in the taking of US diplomats hostage in 1979-81. The MEK was formed as a mixture of Marxism and Muslim fundamentalism, and was influenced by Sayyid Qutb, a major thinker of the …. Muslim Brotherhood.

2. Bachmann has accused President Barack Obama of ‘leading from behind’ and not being interventionist enough in Syria. She wants the secular, Arab nationalist regime in Syria overthrown. But the major opposition force in Syria is the Muslim Brotherhood, and it would have a good chance of coming to power (just as happened in post-revolutionary Egypt) if the Baath falls. AnsaMed writes

“In spite of ”long years of repression by the regime,” the movement has remained strong in Syria, said Brotherhood leader, Mohammad Riad Shakfa. The biggest force on the Syrian National Council, which is the West’s main opposition interlocutor, and very influential in the Syrian Free Army…

So Bachmann is actually herself a strong ally of the Muslim Brotherhood of Syria.

3. Bachmann is a supporter of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and tried to visit with them.. The Northern Alliance was a coalition of forces fighting the Taliban. It consisted in part of the Jami’at-i Islami, to which many of its prominent members belonged. The Jami’at-i Islami is the Afghanistan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by Egyptian missionaries in the 1960s. Another component of the Northern Alliance was the Shiite Hizb-i Vahdat or Unity Party, which was allied with Iran in the 1990s.

So Bachmann is, once again, closely connected with the Muslim Brotherhood via the Afghanistan Northern Alliance.

4. In fall of 2011 as the US was preparing to withdraw from Iraq, Michele Bachmann opposed the troop withdrawal. She said that the US was being kicked out of Iraq because the Shiite government of PM Nouri al-Maliki was under the thumb of Iran, and taking orders from it.

Iraq’s disgraced former vice president, Tariq al-Hashemi, also accused Tehran of orchestrating the launching of charges against him of being involved in terrorism. Bachmann is therefore an ally of Hashemi, since they have the same analysis and resentments toward Iran’s role in Iraqi politics, and they oppose that role together. Hashemi was for a long time a leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party, which is the Iraqi branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by an Egyptian missionary in 1934 in Mosul.

In all seriousness, the Muslim Brotherhood is not a centralized party. It has its own history in each country where it exists, and the leaderships don’t coordinate. The largest MB party is in Egypt, and it is not only not a terrorist group, it is behind the Freedom and Justice Party, which got 46 percent of the seats in the parliament and won the presidency. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood made a commitment to non-violence and to civil politics in the 1970s and is not a terrorist organization.

Still, it is very suspicious the way it has managed to recruit a Minnesota congresswoman to its cause.

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24 Responses

  1. Michelle Bachmann has two problems that she’s trying to fix with her caterwauling. First, the media stopped paying attention to her so she came up with some nutty comment about the Muslim Brotherhood to get on Fox – and, by extension, picking up some other media attention. Second, and more important I suspect, is that she is in danger of losing her seat following redistricting the last census. A big chunk of the new 6th district includes a much more rational (read: Democratic) piece of the Twin Cities. In the past, she’s only had to contend with some semi-rural rednecks who would vote for Donald Duck if he ran as a Republican.

  2. What I find fascinating is the MEK. I would think that Marxism and Islam would be so incompatiable you could not fuse the two…

    • Same basic incompatibility between (Godless) Marxism and Christianity (the opium of the people), yet liberation theology managed to somehow meld the two during the last decades of the Cold War.

      But the MEK is weird in ways that go beyond its strangely hybrid ideological roots, its terrorist activities, or its bizarro right-wing backers. The MEK is also a cult in the classical sense — members are isolated from their family and non-MEK friends, made to sign over their worldly goods and to work without pay, subjected to indoctrination and sleep deprivation, told by the cult leader whom and when to marry and divorce, etc. It would be interesting to track where the MEK’s funds come from, and how much they’re shelling out to those public figures who lobby on their behalf.

    • Very good point.

      There have been only a few Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel that were from Marxist organizations – the vast majority were from the Islamic Jihad or Hamas groups – whose positions largely track the Quran.

      It was like the Catholic Church’s pronouncement that Catholics were not allowed in leadership posts the Marxist Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The two groups have irreconcialable tenets.

  3. Interesting. Some serious leaps of logic, but interesting nonetheless.

  4. If you knew your ancient languages, professor, if you are really are a professor, you would know that in early Gibberish (or Gibberis), Bach was the name of the devil’s left hand man, also known as “He who uses the wrong hand” and of course, the suffix -mann means “female with too much testosterone, but zero reasoning ability.”

    So, Michelle Bachmann is either the devil’s left-hand, or an overreaching devotee.

    • Also, the Latin word sinistra meant “left” as well as “unlucky” and this double meaning survives in European derivatives of Latin, and in the English word “sinister.’

      Ergo, Bach-mann = sinister one


      • You know when you call people sheeple thy determine pretty quickly You are a lunatic. Try reason rather then insults

  5. “What I find fascinating is the MEK. I would think that Marxism and Islam would be so incompatiable you could not fuse the two…”

    Not as incompatible as Christianity and Objectivism, but look at Paul Ryan and Rand Paul.

  6. She’s married to fierce Israel supporter Anthony Weiner?

    Srsly? This is the Islamist horror? Anthony Weiner’s wife?


  7. This was really fun to read as it follows the same kind of narrative logic–rather better–that Bachmann uses in her so-called “evidence.” I guess, according to her, just being Muslim in the US can be construed as un-American.

  8. Thanky you, Professor. Being a liberal in Minnesota you can imagine how much I enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek analysis of our state’s beloved politician’s evil affiliations. I’m sure she probably thinks Timothy McVeigh was a fine young Christian who simply got carried away for a moment.

  9. All she and her supporters give a damn about is making America stronger by making the rest of the world a ruin. Any Moslem who will support that goal, including Saudi Arabia, which is her ally on most of the points you mention, is good no matter how much blood is on his hands. If there’s no greater enemy of America around for us to use Sunni fundamentalist proxies as cannon fodder against (USSR, Iran), suddenly things are completely the opposite (Egypt, Libya).

  10. Not too surprising when you consider that many other political heavyweights like Rudy Giuliani have also been recruited to support this bizarre Islamo-Marxist group that many have characterized as a cult.

    It has been stated that a number of Jewish-American organizations have been trying to garner aid to this group for the reason that they are opposing the Iranian government and have been involved in paarmilitary operations against those interests .

    There have also been reports that this group has been receiving training from the U.S. military and intelligence communities.

    What is so unique is that the West, even the U.S., has been so successful in winning the Cold War that they are now willing to promote Communist ideologues – and bizarre ones at that – who are intent in toppling a foreign oil-producing power. I wonder if this is the first time in American history that military assistance was rendered to a Marxist insurgent group.

    • We’ve helped everyone against everyone at one time or another. We’ve helped the Baath against Communists. We helped Ho Chi Minh against the Japanese. We helped train Cambodian insurgents in the ’60s to use against North Vietnam even though those insurgents’ agenda was to retake Khmer land then part of South Vietnam. We took sides in Africa where everyone claimed to be a Marxist at some point. And of course, we overlooked Chiang Kai-Shek’s past of getting both Soviet and German aid.

      It’s hard for me to tell where the line is between our cynicism and our ignorance.

      • Ask Joe and Bill about where one might draw that line.

        Sure seems to me that the Kermits and Wild Bills of the world just do the stuff they do “because they can.” I recall one of the US sneaky petes, years ago, being asked why his little group had fomented one coup or another “takedown” stratagem — and that was pretty much the response: “We were on the ground, we saw the opportunity and we took it.”

        Who gives a shit for long wisdom, consistency, stability, even whether this or that game makes any sense for the “national interest,” when you can make people afraid of you and take their stuff? Happens on school buses and in our elementary and high school hallways every weekday except holidays… I guess “by definition” if it’s done by the CIA spooks or any of “our” other pot-stirrers, it’s “in the national interest.”

        A certain amount of cowboyism may be tolerable in a cynical world with the equivalent of its immune system still largely intact. We have largely used up that particular capacity now.

  11. Further evidence & Proof:

    Point #5 M.B.

    (as in, they have the same initials)



  12. Bachmann needs some anti-psychotic meds.

    She also wrote a separate letter to the Justice Department criticizing why it prioritizes investigating hate crimes against Muslims, Sikhs, and South Asians.

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