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  1. The contrasting images of the Chicago Board of Trade are interesting, not because it is contradictory but because though it cosmetically looks extremely different the competitive nature of societal greed is probably nearly identical, as is the ruthlessness of their interactions. East = West when it comes to money.

  2. My initial intuitions of the Kuwait Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade photographs are the worshiping of their common God, “money”. Just as money and power are the Gods of Worship at the rallies of the demoncratic and republican parties.

    Money rules and destroys. Democracy not in America since Americans only have two choices for President, General Obama or ignorant billionaire Romney as presented by the controlled news media. There’s no chance of an honest, wise, truly intelligent and spiritual president. The corrupt billionaires and their corrupt: millionaires, families, Military Industrial Complex, bankers and their private corporation, the Federal Reserve will continue to rule America and the world. America does not spread democracy. Its shows how money and power rule.

    Look closely at the Kuwait Stock Exchange close-up and you’ll see lots of fat reared men, no women present.o

    Look carefully at the

  3. I don’t have any great insights, like the first two commenters.

    I’m just struck by the image itself. All of the figures in the same white outfit against the black and red background.

    Quite a find, perfesser.

  4. I don’t know if they’re beautiful, but traders are doing a job that needs to be done. Capitalism involves buying, selling, saving, investing, and property ownership. Whether you’re trading financial assets, holding a garage sale, teaching classes, or managing a baseball team, it’s all good. Viva capitalism!

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