Omar Khayyam (312) “let’s not fret about tomorrow’s grief”

Old friend, come on and let’s not fret 
about tomorrow’s grief today;
let’s spend this instant’s cash in hand–
because tomorrow when we pass
away from this decrepit bar
we’ll be laid out with those who left
it seven thousand years ago.

Translated by Juan Cole
from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, [pdf] Whinfield 312

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4 Responses

  1. Juan, I am a daily reader of your informed comment. I’m 80 years old and though a Latin Americanist by profession, in retirement I realized the importance of the Muslim world, have learned Turkish, studied Arabic twice in Cairo, and teach courses involving Islam, ethnicity and politics in the College for Seniors, UNC Asheville, and other venues. Your translation of Omar Khayyam is fantastic. I cherish every one of them. Keep translating and also writing your great analyses of current developments. Tom, former tenured professor at Brown

  2. it is hard to translate our language into English but I will . . . thank u because u want to know my dear Iran and help other Americans to Know it ! thanx

  3. Dr. Cole,

    I had a long Facebook chat tonight with a gal from Tehran who I somehow accidentally picked up as a FB friend (she was unaware of you, but I do have several FB friends in that region)

    Her English was spotty though serviceable, but it was a nice conversation. Along the way, I mentioned your site as one that tries to explain Levant, Arabic, and Persian developments to Westerners. We talked about Omar Khayyam, and I mentioned that you’re translating interesting passages.

    She posted this one to her FB page. The bridge between America and the Indo-Persians just got another cable layed.

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