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  1. Batman movie #2 was on TNT so I tuned in for 3 minutes or so. Tied up guy being screamed at by guy with gun to wife’s head (screaming), then to little boy’s head (also screaming)while another guy stands by with half his head a mass of blood. So I guess you just crank this up to a higher level and you have the greatest box office hit of all time?

    It must be time to send Seal Team 10 in to straighten out Syria!

    • Passive resistance assumes that your enemy needs to leave you alive to obtain his goals. What happens if, say, a Martin Luther King succeeds, and the resulting society for one reason or another is unbearable to the bigots who backed down the last time? Or what if every ethnicity in a country like Syria has historical reason to believe that at least one of the others will wipe it out rather than deal with the hassle of merely oppressing it? Or what if the main source of a country’s wealth is not any of its people, but the oil under their feet?

      Genocide actually has worked an awful lot, so much that we don’t know how many societies, ethnicities, and sects have been exterminated. We’ve trapped in a giant elimination tournament, that now has the globe down to only a few big players. Those players tried to put a halt to it when they formed the UN, but America has more people in it that reject the UN than any of those other countries. Apparently, they really like their odds in the tournament.

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