Romney Praised Individual Mandate in 2010

Andrew Kaczynski points out at Buzzfeed that in a 2010 interview, Mitt Romney compared his Massachusetts universal health insurance plan to that of President Obama, listing positive similarities and negative differences. He cited as a good similarity the individual mandate, in which everyone is willy-nilly made part of the pool, reducing costs, which also allows the insurance to be portable.

The interview is here, pre-etch-a-sketch:

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One response

  1. The mandate is a tool that was supported by corporatists like the AEI, Romney and Obama to bail out the private insurance industry.

    The private health insurance business is on the verge of collapse because of the greedy gluttony of the private health care industry.

    Forcing 30M people into the system kicks the can down the road and allows “business as usual” for another decade or more.

    The worst part about it is if also means single-payer remains a distant hope.

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