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  1. Intelligent and important tho’ it is (and consistently quoted), I’m wondering about the actual source for this quote. I’ve pored through Ginsberg’s Collected Works and have been unable to find it (perhaps I’m missing something?) – Could someone please elucidate with a/the citation – thanks

    • Years and years ago I had the good fortune to speak to Allen on the phone. I was walking on a paper on censorship. I asked him why they chose to prosecute him of all the people who really should have been prosecuted. He actually told me very candidly that he had no idea but if I found out, he wanted to know. I believe he meant it with alll sincerity. I never believed from that time forward that he was doing anything but making art and there really was no other motive nor had the incident led him to one.

  2. Yes, our corporate media defines today’s popular culture. The grass roots appear to merely feed the corporate culture and no longer define and develop popular culture. And as for “high” culture there are no great names today. No Picasso, no Faulkner or Hemingway, no Shostakovich or Prokofiev.

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