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  1. Who is Romney, the GOP, other billionaires/millionaires and puppets fooling with their lies, spin and deceit about taxes and ways to repair the economy?

    Not many if any of the bloggers here nor those that peruse Cole’s “Friends and Interlocutors” or other similar web sites attempting to present the truth of what’s really going on, exposing the corrupt mass news media, politicians and their parties.

    I can’t believe that Romney has any chance of winning. Obama’s chances are slim since his actions speak quite clearly and loudly when heard – his drones, allowing the bankers and financial idiots that led America and the world into the crises to repair their own damage, people still in crises, etc.

    What about the 50% of the US population that is the working class with a yearly income less than $30,000? What about the lower middle class?

    Elections suggest that a large portion are believing the lies, spin and/or deceit of Romney and the GOP.

    To the point: below are some real solutions on past crises that worked and will work again.

    In the 1990s, Clinton began balancing the budget and paying down the national debt.

    From the RollingStone, November 9, 2011:
    “How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich”

    “—After taking office, Clinton immediately seized the mantle of fiscal discipline from Republicans. Rather than simply trimming the federal deficit, as his GOP predecessors had done, he set out to balance the budget and begin paying down the national debt. To do so, he hiked the top tax bracket to nearly 40 percent and boosted the corporate tax rate to 35 percent. “It cost him both houses of Congress in the 1994 midterm elections,” says Chafee, the former GOP senator. “But taming the deficit led to the best economy America’s ever had.” Following the tax hikes of 1993, the economy grew at a brisk clip of 3.2 percent, creating more than 11 million jobs. Average wages ticked up, and stocks soared by 78 percent. By the spring of 1997, the federal budget was headed into the black.—”

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    The “artificial crises” is quite painfully and real to about 220 million Americans, 70% of the current US population of 314 million – 50% is the working class and 20%, a portion of the middle class.

    Pains: lost job, looking for jobs that aren’t there, lost/losing your home, moving, new schools, losing health care benefits, college ruled out for teen, etc.

    Probably most of you reading this are not experiencing any pain. Is that why you have so much intellectual talk without any solutions or actions? Diversions.

    Why don’t the Occupy movements select and support honest, wise, intelligent individual candidates for all elections that will represent the 99%, not the parties nor money? Is this avoidance a carefully executed plan by those against the Occupy movements? The corrupt US government, billionaires, etc? If it is, it’s working and looks like another 4 years of corruption.

    Romney and the other corrupt billionaires and millionaire don’t feel much pain. What the hell is the difference between spending $100,000 or $10,000,000 a year on non-essentials?

    –”It’s difficult to imagine today, but taxing the rich wasn’t always a major flash point of American political life. From the end of World War II to the eve of the Reagan administration, the parties fought over social spending – Democrats pushing for more, Republicans demanding less. But once the budget was fixed, both parties saw taxes as an otherwise uninteresting mechanism to raise the money required to pay the bills. Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford each fought for higher taxes, while the biggest tax cut was secured by John F. Kennedy, whose across-the-board tax reductions were actually opposed by the majority of Republicans in the House. The distribution of the tax
    burden wasn’t really up for debate: Even after the Kennedy cuts, the top tax rate stood at 70 percent – double its current level. Steeply progressive taxation paid for the postwar investments in infrastructure, science and education that enabled the average American family to get ahead.—”

    70% for the billionaires and now it’s only 35%.

    The best growth and economical times have been during the highest taxes especially for the rich and corporations. Would have quoted the articles, but couldn’t find them.

    Tax all the billionaires, the corrupt and criminal 85% and the honest 70% and those that kept jobs in America 60%.

    Read more the RollingStone and you’ll agree, Romney and most of the GOP should be tarred and feathered for their lies, perjury regarding taxes and the US economy and growth.

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