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  1. Stunning, with the mountain and the sun’s reflection in the background, and Curiosity’s shadow in the foreground. Mankind always needs to push the frontiers of exploration, whether in space or deep in the ocean. I think we are genetically “wired” to seek the unknown and make it known, and for that I am grateful.

  2. Would anyone care to defend manned exploration of space? I sure don’t think it makes a bit of sense when such fantastic robots like curiosity can answer our questions, have no need for life support, take long travel times in stride without psychological problems, need never come back to Earth, and cost a fraction of any manned mission. NASA’s press release said Curiosity is “paving the way for man’s footsteps on Mars.” I sure hope not.

  3. Sharp shmarp… let’s see Curiosity try to tackle Olympus Mons!!!

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