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    • They’re showing more of what counts than, e.g., the writers and reporters with NPR and CPB, who so tamely accepted the mastery of the Jesuitical neocons appointed by Reagan and his Red successors. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-november-7-2011/npr-vs–conservative-talk-radio Not that it’s any different with the go-along-to-get-along at the NYT and WSJ and even my little local rag, “Florida’s Best Newspaper” by its editors’ own claims, the Tampa Bay Times, which is not even owned by McClatchy. link to investing.businessweek.com

      But then those well-paid middle class jobs, there and in the military-industrial complex and our materialist consumer economy and Formerly Fourth Estate, are so hard to come by any more — it’s not like the Jeffersonian kinds of martyrs are rewarded for their standing up straight…

  1. Just now the freedom movement, elements of Feb17 Libya is voicing the desire to keep the internet communications open to protect the peace and direction of good gov going in Libya..
    The UN considers internet access a human right but here in the US the Bush gang had the FCC make claim that internet was not communications but rather the property asset of corporate enterprise who would own it.. And the Obama has capitulated.
    The Corps have gone global and Earth sky is on track runs to unstoppable unimaginable horror of likely terminal heat rise.
    Corps are not people and money is not voice but tell that to a globalized net of corporate greed and corruption..
    Jefferson speaks wisely and internet is the communications of today.. Syrian regime shut down the internet, first a reduction then a hr long complete shut down. Axis exposed.
    Heat increase of the planet on which we live and its Ally.

  2. Thomas Jefferson now blogs!
    For a balanced view of the man, read his own words at link to ThomasJeffersonLeadership.com
    Several times each week, he posts briefly on a variety of topics.
    Last week’s posts were:
    – What principles would guide your design?
    – Do newcomers have the same privileges as old-timers?
    – Should females be educated?
    This week’s are:
    – Does your head (reason) of heart (emotion) prevail?
    – Should the government subsidize anything? If so, what?

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