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  1. why (WHY!) do liberals always under-estimate the number conservatives in the us? conservatives are highly organized. they understand how to win. they are masters of messaging. superior at media manipulation. experts at strategy and tactics. they deeply understand (and accept!) the concepts of power. liberals? they think they think that “truth” is a strategy unto itself. no strategy. no manipulation. no concepts of the theory of power. (power to liberals remains a anomaly, akin to ghengis khan, the greeks/romans, and other “others”). liberals suck at winning. they overestimate the concepts of getting to the truth as a strategy. and underestimate their opponents as much as they deny how conservative americans really are. and you of all pundits should not be surprised at all if romney pulls out a win, just as bush did TWICE.

  2. And, just in case you’re still confused, he means look __literally__ to the left (the direction, not the political school).

  3. It’s August.

    On the French site, there’s likely one story, and it’s about vacations.

    It’s nice to see the USA on vacation.

    • I took the first post to be a suggestion that maaaybe the conservative right is using less-than-transparent methods to make it LOOK like that’s all Americans are interested in. That way, if I – or any one of us – looks into what’s trending, we’ll see only tripe. “Well, I don’t want to be the onlt one thinking about absurdities and deeply disturbing problems within my country’s infrastructure. And ooo, Miley got a new haircut…”

  4. Regarding “America’s top stories”; I am reminded that it’s okay to pretend once in awhile. The only danger lies in pretending we’re not pretending. Trust me, Mr. Cole, there are we few who are paying rapt attention to what’s going on across the globe.

  5. It’s hard to tell whether that first poster was lamenting or praising the “successes” of conservatives. Still, as a liberal and proud of it, I have a problem with those who with such statements seem to be suggesting that liberals should behave like conservatives, for the simple reason that I would rather be always on the decent and charitable side of things, win or lose. Therefore I think that all in all it’s much better to be a liberal, and anyway, if liberals did the same kind of garbage as conservatives, which amounts to anything that it takes to win, at the expense of truth and everything else that makes sense and supports having a good conscience, then they wouldn’t be liberals, would they?

    As to Google News, I’m glad you brought that up, Mr. Cole. I check that out first thing every day, purely to get a quick overview of what’s happening in the world, before digging deeper, which Google helps because under the mention of the lead stories, they usually link to three or four other sources as well, that often go into the same subject in different and even opposing directions. I do this even though Google News strikes me as being politically weighted toward the conservative end of things. Maybe they’ve been accused of this, but in the past they’ve excused themselves by saying that their lead-ins are not selected by human hands but by computers. Still, computer instructions have to be weighted by somebody, namely humans, and the ones who weight the Google list seem to be especially fond of anything that relates to M. Romney, just as they are of anything even remotely connected with the Kardashian women. Just yesterday Google carried, as if it were important to know, the news that one of those sisters, not even Kim, took her newly born baby over to visit or maybe to attend a party in Malibu. That’s when Google News is at its enriching worst, or maybe best.

    • Mike certainly is not saying nice things about conservatives.

      The issue is that there was a time when the Left was powered by the working class, and it was willing to get bloodied in the streets to put pressure on the 1%. That’s what’s missing in the age of “lifestyle” liberalism.

      In those days, no matter how much pro-capitalist dogma Americans professed to believe, they had to consider their own survival, and they were wage earners or small farmers being squeezed by the inherent biases of the system against them. They had their lives wrecked every decade or so by Wall Street panics (1897, 1907, 1919, 1929) which were inherent in the laissez-faire system. They saw that their wages would not go up as long as they competed against each other in their millions for a few jobs from a few big employers.

      Unfortunately these proletarians were not at all liberal on many personal-choice issues. Many immigrated from extremely reactionary cultures with prejudices against everyone and everything. They may have hated each other, but they hated their bosses more, and for sound reasons.

      The liberal politics of granting concessions to one’s lessers is very different than the radical politics of the have-nots taking action for themselves, and it produces a different range of causes and a very different level of enthusiasm. Little by little, the reversal of the New Deal is bringing back the evils of 19th century capitalism, and either the new proletariat regains its claws or we will sink all the way back to medieval feudalism.

  6. Those results, about the top stories concerning only celebrities, those are gleaned from the actions of the folks who vote in our elections.
    Scary, huh ?

  7. Quite interesting. If Google uses the number of hits a story receives as a factor in calculating its rank, doesn’t this create a feedback loop?

    Even if it ranks by links to a particular story, this must quickly get messed up with links created by people who found the story via Google news.

    But they are pretty bright people. I’m gonna assume that they’ve got all that sort of thing accounted for somehow, and that most people really do care more about celebrity haircuts then about political events in middle eastern countries. Wow.

  8. In a very unfortunate way, those are the top stories for the average brain. Evolved to keep track of 125 relationships +-, to remember where food is and to do whatever the silver back says. Oh yes, and to attack enemies from the other tribe.

  9. If you rely on Google to receive your news and keep you informed and you are not “happy” then perhaps you should try something other than “Everything Google”. There are many other sources for news that are sooooo much better.

    • I think the complaint is that the biggest online search engine mostly presents trivial gossip on its “news” page.

  10. I feel your frustration, but does this discovery actually surprise you? For the past two and a half weeks, most Americans spent their free time following the Olympics. It seems logical that since the 2012 Summer Olympics have ended, Americans now turn to these stories about celebrity figures and television shows to captivate them.

    I think that entertainment distracts people from reality, which can be a very enjoyable way to pass time. However, if a person spends the majority of their time focused on entertainment, they will likely be apathetic toward other events. Most Americans have the luxury to decide if they would like to gain knowledge of entertainment and celebrities or knowledge of events presently affecting humans around the world. The more popular choice is clear and while it disappoints me, it certainly does not shock me.

  11. Each day I desire a sense of what is going on in the world, including the U.S., so I check the BBC and Al Jazeera. I find it a good use of my time.

  12. Most people I talk to don’t want to talk about reality. They want to talk about continuing their personal or shared myths. Google, Yahoo, and CNN, not to mention the former big three “broadcasting corporations”, pander to American myths. Farmers and workers, the old Left of the past, cared about how to get the family to next year, how to reduce unfair advantage, the common weal, what works and should be supported, and what doesn’t work and should be avoided. Pragmatism today only applies in our most loved mythical systems: economics, military power, bootstrap (not cooperative) America, directing of public opinion, the seeking of profit, power, and advantage, and the fundamental American right to engage in recreation and spend money any way you see fit even if it kills people. Google’s method is the opposite of niche marketing.

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