Romney: You know things aren’t going well when…

As for the Romney campaign, you know things aren’t going well when Rachel Maddow finds old footage of you demanding that Ted Kennedy release his tax returns for the then senate race.

Romney demanded Kennedy release his tax returns, saying the veteran senator needed to “prove he [had] nothing to hide…” and adding, “It’s time the biggest-taxing senator in Washington shows the people of Massachusetts how much he pays in taxes…”

You know things aren’t going well when 52% of respondents in polls say that they just don’t like you personally.

You know things aren’t going well when your remarks about why Palestinians are poor are contradicted by a Palestinian billionaire.

You know things aren’t going well when your most visible billionaire superpatron is a casino mogul under investigation for alleged money-laundering.

You know things aren’t going well when economists look into your tax plan and find you are a reverse Robin Hood, taking money from the middle class and giving it to the billionaires.

You know things aren’t going well when your claims to have been a poor missionary in France are contradicted by old buddies who say you stayed in a mansion with a chef and servant.

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10 Responses

  1. When you have to distance yourself from your own OLYMPIC DANCING HORSE!

  2. Don’t call Romney out yet. All that $$$$ is going to find a way to alter our perceptions. It’s just taking longer this time.

    • It might take longer for the money to alter most people’s perceptions. But I think I’ll require a more direct and large scale solution. Two million dollars (pre-tax) ought to convince me to vote for Romney.


      • Don’t sell yourself cheap. Make Romney cover the taxes on the $2 million bribe. After all he has “paid a lot of taxes,” right? So he won’t mind paying a little more!

    • At the moment it appears Democracy is for Sale.

      If Romeny wins, the Democracy should be named “$ $ $ $ Domocracy”.

  3. …when a fellow Mormon Bain investor tells the Senate Majority Leader (also a Mormon) that you didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years – and you can’t prove him wrong!

    …when your Public Relations spokesman is so frustrated trying to defend your stupid remarks that his last resort is to tell reporters “Kiss my ass” and “Shove it”.

    …when Wikileaks leaked Stratfor emails that you were John McCain’s No 1 pick as his VP up until August 25, 2008 – then he picked “hockey mom” “Walmart night shift aisle stocker” Palin over you at the last minute.
    link to

  4. All that Rachel Meadows states are true but, I fear, Romney is not worried as he trusts that his party’s plans of voter suppression will help him prevail anyway! It appears, he has no sense of shame to state blatant lies when he contradicts a previous lie!

  5. You know you’re in trouble when your tax deduction for your dressage horse is more than most people’s annual income. You know you’re in trouble when you wife arrogantly and sanctimoniously intones, “It’s our turn”! “It’s our turn” indeed – democracy and elections be damned! There’s lies, there’s damned lies and then there’s Romney!

  6. The Ted Kennedy story is interesting to me for a reason beyond the campaign.

    We’re quite a bit harder on rich Presidential candidates these days then we used to be. Two decades ago, Ted Kennedy could be beloved as a populist despite not releasing his tax returns. George W. Bush once delivered the line at a fundraising dinner: “My base is here: the haves and the have-mores.” Nobody batted an eye – ho ho ho, yeah, he’s rich.

    I credit OWS with this turn of events.

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