Top Five Worst Planks in GOP Platform

These are the promises that the Republican Party is making to us if it wins:

1. Outlawing abortion altogether, with no exceptions for the life and health of the mother, incest or rape.

2. Preventing the Department of Homeland Security from monitoring far right-wing hate groups (Republican House majority leader John Boehner said that the DHS unit looking at these groups was casting veterans as potential terrorists). Well, very few veterans are dangerous, but undeniably some are, and white supremacists often seek out military experience for the weapons training.

3. On the whole and by and large, the GOP is in favor of promoting biological illiteracy and denying the theory of evolution, among the most robust and well-established scientific theories. (Gravity is also a ‘theory’; the word doesn’t mean what they think it means.)

4. Promoting hatred of and fear of Muslims. While not all Republicans are in the same league as Michele Bachmann, Peter King of New York, or Joe Walsh of Illinois, the party has a severe problem with indulging in and enabling hate speech toward millions of American citizens of this faith. The Republican House has had 5 hearings on the alleged radicalization of American Muslims (which is not in evidence) but none about white hate groups. Some observers hold GOP demonizers responsible for the spate of attacks on mosques in the past month, since their discourse excuses hate speech.

5. The GOP stands for repealing the Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare,” and indeed want Todd Akin now not to run for the senate in Missouri out of fear that his foot in the mouth disease on rape and abortion will make him unelectable and then the Republicans won’t get control of the senate and won’t have the votes to repeal the ACA. That is, the RNC isn’t really horrified at what he said, they are just afraide enough women in Missouri will be to stop them from taking health care back away from 44 million Americans.

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17 Responses

  1. The Republicans have become neo-con coverts. That’s a pithy because in doing so they have abandoned the conservative platform so necessary in political discourse.

    • This is several steps beyond neoconservatism. You have to look at the history of the ideologies. The neos are secular at the core, but cynically use religion as a front when convenient, especially for mass violence. They believe in an activist government, and are essentially modernist. Most accept the New Deal and World War II as foundations of the modern world. Dick Cheney failed in his first bid at the presidency because he was not anti-abortion enough to qualify with the Christian Right. He may not have been anti-gay enough either.

      The creature we are dealing with now can only be understood in the political terms of the 19th century. Both the conflict between the North and South, and the conflict between rural and urban America. If you want to learn more about the extremist movements of the 1970s and ’80s that learned various disguises to infiltrate and reconstruct conservatism, look up R. J. Rushdoony, Dominionism, Christian Reconstructionism, and The Turner Diaries.

      There is crossover between the two, since the medievalist anti-social justice agenda of the Christians frees up plenty of tax money for the neocons’ wars, and both demand vast inequality. I recall a book by high-level neocons Irvin Kristol and Grace Himmelfarb praising Victorian debtors’ prisons. They are essentially carpetbaggers who eagerly help the neo-Confederates enslave themselves.

  2. The “crazy, stupid, and cruel” in their platform is not a mistake, hell, maybe even not an ideology. I would argue that it is a strategy to be so perverse, so wrong and evil in their Weltanschauung, that the opposition (the real one, what little of it exists, NOT the Democrats), don’t even know where to begin.

    It is designed to make compromise look like the Nixon or Reagan administration on a bad day. Hence we get Barak “Ronald Wilson Reagan” Obama for president, because folks, we have been moved so far to the right that that is what centrism now looks like.

    This country is like an alcoholic, and it will not come to its senses and sober up until it has reached rock bottom. It won’t be pretty, esp. when you consider we are nowhere near there yet.

  3. Is there a link to the draft platform? I’m curious about the language concerning monitoring of hate groups.

  4. Excellent summary of 5 important issues in their party platform.

    Will the main stream media point out over and over what is in the party platform?

    The average American is dumb when it comes to understanding what is going on.

    Even telling them over and over again might not get through.

    I’ll be that 30% of Americans still believe that Saddam Husein was behind 9-11. The media don’t take that as a fact that they are incompetent. (I made up the guess of 30% because I have not seen a poll in some time. That number might be low. If it dropped to something reasonable like 10% I would be surprised.)

  5. It is not entirely clear to me what you meant by saying

    “Gravity is also a ‘theory’; the word doesn’t mean what they think it means.”

    Whatever you meant, it is a fact that gravity remains one of the most mysterious physical phenomena (un)known to humanity. A paper that sheds some light on how much we don’t know about gravity may be accessed here:

    link to

    Love your blog.

  6. In my mind the most damaging will be continuing to deny the existence of Climate Change attributable to humans, which if not acknowledged very soon will end human civilization on this planet. Sorry to sound grim, but at this point the rest is just rearranging furniture on our planet Titanic.

    • Saying climate change will “end human civilization” is probably an exaggeration; humans are awfully adaptable, and at this point the knowledge base that makes us “civilized” is so widespread that it would be very, very difficult to lose very much of it, even in a catastrophe that reduced the human population by, say 80% (which is also worse than the plausible worst-case scenario for climate change). However, the civilization that we have right now — the current set of nation-states and balances of power between them — would not survive an increase of two or three degrees centigrade and the attendant rise in sea level and shift in agriculture.

      • Pure whistling past the graveyard. Climate change doubtless will increase violent competition for resources. It is only a matter of time before one of those goes nuclear. Then the biosphere can deal with nuclear fallout as well.

        Climate science does not take into consideration what we humanists do, i.e. the depths of darkness that is human history and nature. These two elements are on a collision course with growing scarcity and environmental degradation. I don’t see any other path this leads to but extinction. I’ve wondered why social historians have not been more vocal or forthcoming about the possible outcomes for our species on this urgent matter.

        I hope I’m wrong, and of course, things can play out and come up that are utterly unforeseen – say a new pathogen that likes the warmer climes against which we are helpless. As a young man I never thought I’d see the day where I felt that the survival in several centuries of a mere 20% of our population level was optimistic, but I never envisioned that we would revert back to a Stone Age ethos either. Boy, have the past thirty-some odd years proved me wrong on that one!

  7. The 2012 Republican Party platform is so extreme, they might as well convert it into a gallows, since the party leaders seem to be compelled to politically hang themselves.

  8. Realistically, Obama is already out, and we better hold tight because intolerance, evil and corruption are already rendering their effects.
    Certainly, a series of shady maneuvers, including the Supreme Court’s decision equating persons with corporations, gave unfair advantage to Republicans, and further decomposed the electoral system. If the Supreme Court was capable of validating such absurdity, just imagine what the politicized state and federal courts are going to do against the tsunami of vote fraud measures that are being adopted in several states. W. Bush’s ‘win’ of 2000 will pale in comparison to the moral perversion pervading this election.

  9. Now Romney’s has gone totally off the deep end with the energy policy which leads to climate catastrophe quicker.

    For several decades Republican mantra has been taxes, taxes, etc.

    Now that the economy has been trashed, they change their word to jobs, jobs, jobs.

    So USA needs to push full speed ahead to use more carbon for what reason? you guested it – jobs, jobs, jobs.

    • I’m afraid this will actually be the most popular part of his platform. The bigotry and medievalism of the rest of the platform will be ignored by people desperate for more money to make their lives endurable. The present has become so difficult that we will gladly throw our own children off the lifeboat in the future.

  10. I knew about the others in their platform but I missed number 2. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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