Top Ten Repeated Paul Ryan Lies

This year’s Republican campaign may be the most dishonest in history. A couple of weeks ago I listed 10 major falsehoods and gaffes of Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan. He repeated several of them in his Tampa speech, and added a few more. In honest political debate, when a candidate says something that is not true, he is confronted by journalists and the public, and either gives evidence that it is true, or backs off. Ryan continues to insist on repeating known falsehoods, to the extent that even Fox Cable News lamented his dishonesty.

Voters need to ask who Ryan represents. It is people who make a million dollars a year or more. Everything he says is intended to produce policy that benefits them, and which hurts working people. Millionaires don’t like having to pay for government-provided infrastructure, or health care for workers, and don’t like having to put up with unions. The rest of us like driving on roads without potholes, over bridges that don’t fall down, and not being bankrupted when we need an operation. Since most Americans would be crazy to vote for policies that only benefit our three million wealthiest, out of 310 million, Ryan tries to appeal to workers with religion (banning abortion). He needs to put together a coalition of millionaires and some religious workers in order to win. But even that wouldn’t be enough. He has to get people on his side who would be hurt by his policies. And that requires that he simply lie to them.

So here are some new lies he just retailed, along with a reiteration of my earlier refutation of points drawn from his stock speeches, which he put right back in his Convention speech.

1. Ryan blamed the US credit rating downgrade on President Obama. But it was caused by the Republican Congress’s threat not to raise the debt ceiling. That is, the fault for the credit rating downgrade from AAA to AA belongs with… Paul Ryan.

2. Ryan continues to claim that President Obama said business owners did not build their own businesses. Obama said that business owners benefit from government infrastructure and programs, which they did not build. No small business owner has built an inter-state highway or bridge, but those are the means whereby their goods get to market. Ryan’s (and the GOP’s) talking point in this regard is a typical Karl Rove Big Lie, and among an informed electorate it ought to discredit them.

3. Ryan depicted Obamacare as virtually a turn to Soviet-style totalitarianism, as incompatible with liberal freedoms for the individual. But the logical conclusion is that Ryan’s running mate, Mitt Romney, turned Massachusetts into a Gulag.

4. Ryan slammed President Obama for not implementing the deficit-cutting measures recommended by the Simpson-Bowles commission. But he himself voted against Simpson-Bowles.

5. Ryan keeps attacking Prsident Obama’s stimulus program now. But in 2002 when then President George W. Bush proposed stimulus spending, Ryan supported it. “What we’re trying to accomplish today with the passage of this third stimulus package is to create jobs and help the unemployed,” Ryan told MSNBC in 2002. Ryan says that the stimulus had not positive effects, while economists say it saved or created millions of jobs and pulled the US out of a near-Depression.

6. Even more embarrassing, in 2010, Ryan asked for $20 million in stimulus money from Obama for companies in his district, then repeatedly denied requesting stimulus funds. He finally admitted he had done so, but continues to slam the stimulus program as a failure (even though the economy pulled out of a Depression as a result of it).

7. Ryan slammed President Obama for the closure of an auto plant that closed in late 2008 under George W. Bush. Ryan’s running mate, Mitt Romney, opposed Obama’s actual auto bailout, which was a great success and returned Detroit to profitability.

8. Paul Ryan charges that Barack Obama has ‘stolen’ $700 billion from medicare for his Obamacare. In fact, these expense reductions do not cut Medicare benefits, and, moreover, Romney and Ryan supported these reductions! The difference is that they would give the savings to the affluent, whereas Obama uses them to cover the presently uninsured.

9. Ryan continues to push his longstanding plans for a steal-from-the-elderly-and-give-to-the-rich medicare plan, which President Obama warned would cost ordinary recipients over $6000 a year extra. Politifact checked and rated Obama’s charge as correct, though they noted that the figures referred to CBO analyses of Ryan’s last plan, not his ‘new’ one, which hasn’t been subjected to similar analysis. Ryan certainly recently put forward a plan that would cost ordinary people that much extra.

10. Ryan neglected to note that under the tax plan he favors, Gov. Mitt Romney would pay less than 1% in annual federal taxes, highlighting Romney’s already low rate compared to ordinary Americans (slightly lower than Ryan’s own!) and putting the spotlight back where Ryan’s appointment was supposed to misdirect it.

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40 Responses

  1. Every 4 years when there are President-Elections in the US and A the rest of the world thinks: “ok. 1 year of lies, nonsense, oncessions to different groups just to get their votes and people who actually belive what they are talking about even it’s proofed their are wrong”

    All in all: there was no content in his speech.

    It’s more a show than a real political debates


  2. Dear Professor, there are very few credible experts pointing out the fallacies of the Ryan/GOP budget. Please continue to do so.

  3. The Big Lie is certainly alive and well in this election season. Question is, how well will it succeed? There are folks out there walking about who are convinced Obama lopped off 716 billion from “their” Medicare. And they will vote…….

    And then there was the reference to Obama’s “anti business/pro government” remarks. Which, his remarks, must really have been toxic to many a Republican since they went straight at the Republican myth that gov can do nothing for the economy except stay out of the way (with a few tax cuts added, thank you.) Yes, the question is: will enough voters buy these lies in order to sway the election?

  4. That Ryan is a liar is not the problem. In a sane world his lies would be recognized and he would become a pariah. Instead, 30% of the populace essentially do not care that their leaders lie and in fact encourage lying. As the influence of fundamentalist religion increased, so did the acceptance of lying (for Jesus, I guess). Acceptance of one fairy tale as gospel makes it easy just to go on to deny whole chunks of the fact based world. Then on top of the 30%, there are great swaths of this nation that are too ignorant/lazy to discern the lies. When Christianity can be turned on its head, as it is by support for capitalism, especially the Ayn Randian form so prevalent today, we are in for a continuing world of hurt. Blame the poor, lame and powerless within society. And this is not confined to the GOP. The Dems have abdicated their role as the protectors of the downtrodden or even of the working class in general. They are now to the right of the GOP of the 1950’s on economic justice. Hedges is correct, the only option left is revolt (non-violent, at least on our part).

    • The Revolution is not one of disabusing the Top or the 1%.
      It’s about the 99ers revolutionizing their focus – away from teevee, suv, labels and violent heroes.
      The Revolution will be individually internal followed by non-violent community action.

    • On the acceptance of lies by the public, it seems that people are more willing to accept lies by their own political parties than by the other political party (no surprise). Here’s what Dan Ariely said in a recent interview on the Diane Rehm show:

      link to

  5. The term “big lie” was coined by Adolf Hitler, not Karl Rove. From Mein Kampf:

    “[I]n the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

    • Nice quote. I’d always though the B-L came from Goebbels, but see he modestly deferred to the Fuhrer on it. And its only a tiny bit off-topic, but entirely relevant to look more closely at matters of propaganda for our more modern populace who are oh, so far beyond such things.

      A more practical distillation of the B-L would be the instinct to think, “where there’s smoke there must be fire.” There’s a matter of hard-wiring that really is hard to transcend. So, we have our new verb, to swift-boat.

      Another trick Rove uses consistently, and gets not enough credit for, is PRE-EMPTIVE attacks, to essentially hijack an opponent’s rebuttal. A classic case would be, when deploying their campaign of class-conflict, to make a central part of that plan to accuse the Demo’s of class-conflict. At worst it confuses the issue, but in fact the effectiveness of the tactic is profound.

      Seriously, this election will be a great test for the ideal of democracy. Not that it will make a huge difference given how policy is really made, but at least for the democratic potential and the hope for cks and balances, etc.

      • Then there are Framing Biases….where we/I casually but consistently mention Hitler, Goebbels and Rove in the same breath. But properly done it’s the FIRST thing you say. In the battle for mind-share, its the first statement that really counts, as Maestro Hitler teaches us, so striking first with the defining lie becomes essential.

  6. These two clowns are liars and thieves in training…….The same old Bush idiots in different suits…….But not to worry, they WILL LOSE…..I guarantee it

  7. It is a scary thing to see that there are legitimately almost no rules in the election process any more. It seems whatever kept candidates at least marginally more honest no longer stands. I hope that Obama and the Democrats that seem to be on a different path continue to progress.
    Eventually the curtains have to come down don’t they?

  8. Republicans have got away with lying, it worked for Bush/Cheney for almost 8years. After Bush’s lies were exposed by facts, they simply walked away from him, never admitting them, never taking any responsibility.
    Obama could have refused to act on the Depression, until the Repubs took responsibility for bring it on. Instead he acted as quickly as possible to lessen its severity. The Repubs calculated by impeding Obama’s efforts, they could make sure the recovery would take more than 4 yrs and it would become Obama’s.
    They have become arrogant, they intend to run their entire campaign on lies–Bold, Big Lies. They have mastered the Art of lying and actually perfected it to a Science.
    By careful analysis to the electorate, they have assembled a formidable mass: scared, ignorant, selfish, principle-less people. The scared and ignorant are the swing voters

    • Reading these replies has been just as interesting as the main story. I’ve always wondered how the right wing has been able to get away with lying to us for so long. Is it a matter of lazy journalism or fear of lost ratings? Maybe liberals have become so cowed by the right that they’re afraid to make people aware of the truth. I don’t watch enough television news to really see what’s going on right now. I have noticed that just recently the major news outlets have covered a piece by the AP that fact-checked some of Ryan’s claims. Hopefully journalists are growing a backbone and this is something we’ll see more of in the future.

      • If, admittedly through discipline, you listen to Fox or the relatively coherent GOP arguments, they are engaging…..assuming you didn’t know a bit more than what they are telling you OR are too uneducated to think critically about the logic or lack thereof.

        Of ignorance, I remember an eloquent WSJ editorial by Phil Graham laying the 08 crash at the feet of Fannie/Freddie Mae. It was all true, ABSENT the fact that they contributed a fraction of what others did to the crash. The underlying point was that it was not his intent to educate, but to mislead. This is a fundamental difference in the discourse that generally comes from the right and it’s incredibly tough to EFFECTIVELY counter without doing the same thing.

        Heard great presentation the other day about how the top 1% pays FAR MORE than their share of taxes, to the tune of 20-40% of total income taxes received (or whatever %). True, but the listener has to THINK and APPRECIATE about how when the top 1% receives such a large share of the total income their tax contribution relative to that income is disproportionately small. To do so it is necessary to make several observations, instead of just one, and apply a modest bit of critical thought. For people with limited time, education, and perhaps mental bandwidth to begin with, the underlying needs of a fuller understanding becomes a stretch.

  9. They see a future world not of nations, but of the “HAVES AND hAVE NOT’S”. They intend to be the haves. They are the “class warriors”

  10. I first noticed the practice of repeating falsehoods during the Bush/Rove years. They would just keep repeating the same nonsense over and over again until it became part of mainstream thought. Think WMD and your memory will be jolted. I believe that Karl Rove continues to be the behind the scenes puppet master of the Republican party, and there practice of spreading disinformation continues, virtually unchecked. The history of disinformation disemination goes back to London in the first world war, where they (the British) would mislead the Germans with inaccurate info. The Germans then began the practice this to manipulate the masses leading up to WWII. They turned group against group so that people were left with an “us against them” mentality. That feeling was then used to create a “me against everyone that isn’t exactly like me” nationalism. There is a wonderful film (available on Youtube) that documents this quite well. The film is called “Don’t Be A Sucker” and well worth your time to watch. Todays Republican party doesn’t worry about the truth— whether it be about their own policies and goals– or their opponents. I think that Mr Rove has studied the manipulation of the masses much deeper than your most seasoned advertising executive and believes in power at any cost. This same mind set can be seen in the actions of Sen. McConnell, Scott Walker, John Boehnor and others who are clearly willing to sacrifice the many to attain the goal of ensuring that Obama is a one term president.

    • One of the last things Hunter Thompson wrote before he died was about Karl Rove. “Of course political strategists have studied the methods of the Third Reich. They worked, for a while.”

      “For a while” is all the justification you need now.

  11. What I find interesting (and amusing in a bitter sort of way) is how many of the things the Republicans hit President Obama for not doing are things they pulled out all the stops to _prevent_ him from doing.

    It’s the sort of thing that makes me think that, if the shoes were reversed, the Repubs would have simply thrown the Constitution and the laws out the window (and the Democratic Party in prison) and done what they wanted, and they can’t understand why President Obama DIDN’T do that.

    And that scares me about them.

  12. From reading far-right blatherings in places like gun magazines – which are not publicized as much as the ravings of Limbaugh, et al, my conclusion is that the base believes there are a large number of Americans who are subhuman and not deserving of the vote. If they could only have their vote taken away, they could be stopped from ruining the country. But these subhumans might take up arms and the Good Americans deserve not to have their well-deserved goodies damaged in the fighting, much less risk losing. So it’s noble to lie and cheat until they have accumulated a monopoly on power and then can forcibly return the Constitution to its natural, pre-1860 state. Forever.

    Few of these maniacs have any outline on how the economy would work at that point. Since the further into the process you prophecy, the more of an extremist you are, the only discussion of life after this Rapture comes from folks like R. J. Rushdoony, who clearly did not give a damn if the economy was reduced back to subsistence agriculture. The corporate capitalists who have helped this movement along (by owning those gun magazines, etc) do not talk about anything except infinite growth, an ever-larger Dow Index, etc., which is absurd since growth itself destabilizes and transforms social orders. The contradiction between those who want a caste system and those who want infinite growth can’t be resolved logically, as if that ever stopped them.

  13. According to the Daily Kos, at least 25 journalists have commented on Ryan’s falsehoods – including the Washington Post and Fox News. (!!)

    A pertinent question that reporters might pose to Romney and Ryan: If ‘extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,’ as Barry Goldwater famously observed, what about lying? Deliberate misrepresentation of facts, dishonest slants, calculated omissions, outright fabrications? What is your opinion on lying, and will your campaign continue to engage in it? If so, how do you square this with Christian teachings and ethics?

  14. 1) USA spends more than it makes. USA threatens to stop spending more than it makes the credit people cry and blame the person threatening to live within their means. Point is that if the USA was growing the rating would be upgraded.

    2) Clearly Obama said business owners were out of line to take credit for their own success. He clearly stated that he doesn’t understand them feeling they are smarter or more hard working than those who are not successful. Lets play the clip over and over again though because every American should see and hear how Obama views business.

    3) Ryan is being held to Romney’s positions in a manner than Obama is not held to Biden’s positions.

    4) Ryan is in a different party has a different vision and is in no way responsible for Obama’s failures to get the left’s agenda implemented. He is merely pointing out Obama can’t get anything implemented on this issue. Seriously when you own party contains not a single person who will vote for your bill thats saying more than a million “fact check” articles.

    5) Obama’s implementation of the stimulus was pathetic. Bill Clinton would have turned the entire country around with that much money. Knowing what to do is a different excercise than knowing what to say…

    6) I don’t know what you are talking about but this wasn’t in the speech.

    7) Obama clearly said that if he were in charge plants like that would be open for 100 years. Very stupid political move, and then he didn’t have the presence of mind to fix his open ended promise and this is the price. It closed in 2009 by the way look it up.

    8) Obama has decreased medicare by 700 billion. Ryan being willing to reduce medicare by 700 billion to get a budget passed doesn’t change that Obama decreased it by 700 Billion. Factually its a true statement you are just reaching.

    9) Polifact and Obama are both motivated to lie on this. Ryan is lowering the cost of government. That will benefit all who pay tax and the expense of those who don’t pay tax. If growth is large enough we will all win.

    10) If you buy TIPS bonds you pay no taxes now. The taxes you pay are in the form of lower returns. I agree that wealthy should pay some form of asset tax as opposed to income tax like the middle class do via property tax. But its not fair to compare an asset tax on things you already own to an income tax which is an increase in what you own. The guy who owns a painting A worth 100,000 and sells it to buy painting B worth 100,000 pays no taxes. But if he buys painting A for 100,000 and after a few years both painting A and painting b are now worth 120,000 the tax he has to pay when he sells painting A is not really income in the same way as working for 20,000 is.

    • Repeating Ryan’s lies won’t turn them into facts. I’ll bet this guy had to spend hours trying to figure out how to spin this. More likely he cut and pasted this from a right wing blog.

    • This is a remarkable but not extraordinary response. I’ve re-read it a couple times to appreciate how illustrative it is. Its not worth going through line-by-line, but there are a couple over-arching observations to be made:

      Fundamentally, you don’t listen. Its a problem I have at times as well, but its more acute here, because it seems you perhaps CAN not listen. Pt #1 accurately and directly states why the credit was down-graded in 2 simple sentences which you simple did not get. #2 is a similar case. My question, which CLEARLY can ONLY be rhetorical here, is whether you are able to hear what is being said, when the statements are so very short, simple and declarative.

      With Pt #3 you transposed Romney for Ryan in your opening clause. So, with that correction (hey, I make those sort of goofs all the time), we have another problem: simple analytic judgement. Ryan has said he would defer to Romney in a variety of policy regards; Biden’s were less than Obama’s, but this is normal between any two politicians and it’s understood they will follow their leader so generally you have a wash. The difference is that Biden’s philosophies/policies were never the leading edge of Demo thinking, whereas Ryan’s thinking very much represents the wave what Romney is hoping to capitalize on.

      Pt #4 we get to the core problem with your assessment: its not only shallow and apparently un-informable, but couched in an us-versus-them worldview: the issue is not seen as how to get American out of its problems, but how to defeat the “left’s agenda.” Whether or not a given policy/idea would be helpful isn’t even considered next to the need to defeat the that.

      We might agree on one thing, that perhaps the vote is too widely awarded.

  15. So here I am, a guy who works long hours for a declining real wage and I am listening to Ryan tell me I should vote for a candidate whose principal economic proposal is to reduce Mitt Romney’s tax rate from 13.9 percent, a whole lot lower than I pay for those long hours, to less than 1 percent? You have got to be kidding me!

    Obama should pound these guys as a group of Bain buccaneers planning to do to the whole country what they used to do to specific companies. The audacity of running for President in order to cut your tax rate to 1/20 of what every working person pays is an extraordinary mugging. And they want me to pay for the mugging by giving up basic services? It is time for the Democrats to shift from the culture wars crap that allows Karl Rove to set the agenda and start making the case that Mitt Romney’s refusal to come clean on his taxes is evidence of dubious ethics and betting against America. And now he wants the rest of us to give him personally a bigger piece of the pie by sacrificing from our own crumbs.Stop fussing about abortion….the point is made….and start emphasizing the Romney plan to plunder the country.

    • The culture wars and the class war have the same hidden premise:

      White male Christian entrepreneurs are a Master Race and will save us if we give up all power to them.

      The different right-wing factions simply disguise this in different terminology. You can see the power of such a simple premise; it allows the holder of these views to claim that all “good” people will be saved, while in his greedy heart he expects only people like himself to make it. It is resistant to real economic statistics, because desperate people don’t ruminate over the difference in well-being of the average American before and after the 1930s. It is vague about what is being “saved”, so it can mean economic, moral, military or religious salvation, and jump around when in danger of refutation.

      The way to get the bastards is to force them over and over to defend the past which is their shared touchstone. Most Americans are ill-educated about how horrible life was for most of our forefathers, and how the rich could send private mercenaries, bought-out state militias, or the KKK to crush their resistance. The reason they lost that power is the rise of the very institutions that the GOP wants to eliminate.

  16. The corrupt power and money of the billionaires, their corporations and puppets are killing America and the world.

    This “power and money virus” is spreading like wild fire amongst the puppet millionaires including the half of Congress that are single or multiple-digit millionaires and the other half that are becoming millionaires.

    How in the hell can anybody believe that Congress members would approve increased taxes on themselves and an end to the Bush Era Tax Cut for the rich?
    See the facts: link to

    I believe that a real economic recovery plan that will work and prevent a massive depression will have to include most of the following and other items. Excuse my political ignorance and errors. Corrections appreciated.

    1. Shrink, downsize the Military Industrial Complex. Upsize and strengthen the UN’s military and responsibility.

    2. Increasing taxes to the rich and corporations as Clinton did which worked. I know, different times, but.

    3. End Bush Era Tax Cuts. See the true facts, not the GOP lies: link to

    4. Nationalize the Federal Reserve/the US banking complex, a private corporation.

    5. End the corrupt control of the mass news medias, the FDA, the education system, etc.

    6. Pass a new election law excluding multiple millionaires from elected or appointed positions

    7. Last but not lease, replace all corrupted politicians with honest, intelligent and wise individuals not committed to a single party, but committed to representing and relating to the 99% of Americans. The party system is broken since millionaires(money) control both parties. Get the money out of politics, period.

    Such real action must be taken to end the spread of the billionaires money/power virus.

    For action, I suggest that the Occupy movements be inspired and organized into supporting and recommending individual candidates for all federal, state, county and local elections that are honest, intelligent, “wise” and that would represent and relate to the 99% of Americans. Over whelm and force the mass news media to present the real news if possible.

    I know that the constant complaints, informed comments and chatter on this blog are not reaching many Americans nor are they going to change much of anything. Over half of Americans are of the working class that don’t blog and that many if not a majority are brain washed by the mass news medias into to believing that voting democratic is the lesser of evils and that Obama will do something with Democratic Party in control of Congress. What’s his track record? How many effective presidential execute orders has he issued?

    Will Obama make real changes if the Democratic Party controls Congress? I don’t think so, I’m politically ignorant.

    Any better solutions? Please present them. Enough complaints. Have the Occupy movements spread validated and honest information about Romney, other candidates and all the issues. The mass news media, ugh.

    Any mistakes, corrections appreciated. I’m too fed up, too old and tired to do much of anything even proof reading.

    • Has anyone read my above post? Or is this blog just for blowing your own horn? Is this blog reaching and inspiring any actions, changes in our government?

      Is Professor Cole the only reader of my post? Is this blog only reaching a few thousand expert thinkers, many that may be rich that would not approve increased taxes on the rich and corporations nor end the Bush Era Tax Credit for the rich? I’m feeling disappointed that I get no responses, that I’m wasting my time commenting.

      I believe that most, if not all of the 7 items are valid needed changes that would help if not stop the economic downward spiral of America and the world.

      Please, some of you informed and educated commenters tell me I’m wrong believing that Obama with the Democrats controlling Congress would NOT make some of my 7 changes and others that would stop the downward economic spiral?

      I can’t believe that Romney is the best that the Republicans can offer.

      Am I delusional in believing that the Occupy movements could help elect honest, intelligent and wise individuals into our government at all levels to represent the 99%?

      Am I correct in believing that Congress WILL NOT END the Bush Era Tax Cuts nor increase taxes for the rich and their corporations?

      Am I correct in believing that Obama is not seriously trying to represent the 99% of Americans, nor would he even with a Democrat controlled Congress?

      If I don’t get any responses I will cease and desist from offering my uninformed, ignorant comments that are apparently achieving nothing. I’m under the delusion that some of my comments may encourage real action by one or a few of the commenters to this blog.

      Is Obama a sleeper that will take control with a Democrat controlled Congress and seriously represent the 99%?

      Please, comment and correct errors and delusions of my 7 items.

      Have to go swim.

  17. The U.S. credit downgrade was not caused by the Republican Congress’s threat not to raise the debt ceiling. It was caused by too much government spending.

    • The credit rating was not downgraded the previous year, when the US was just as much in debt. The bankers are afraid of Noequist/GOP policy of breaking the government.

      • That there was no downgrade the prior year(s) doesn’t mean that a downgrade is not valid this year. The absence of an event doesn’t, just my opinion, give credence to it ever occurring in the future.
        The truth seems to be that the USA has needed to be downgraded for many years. I think the country can legitimately be termed bankrupt. Another new instance was the steep rise in debt without any corresponding agenda to decrease the debt. Pres. Obama has not put forth a budget, has stepped up war spending, while energy, banking and health care are costing the country more and more money.
        I too believe that the Republicans are the worst thing for this country in that they don’t represent the interests of progress for the 99%. And they been obstructive in policies that might have re-configured our economy. But Obama hasn’t provided leadership in ending the debt. He certainly should be blamed for not ‘holding the line’ and standing up to the corporate interests. I think he has benefited by corporate interests as have the Republicans.

    • Then why does the Republican Congress keep increasing our military spending and cutting taxes on the rich?

      A Reagan administration official admitted in his biography that Reagan intentionally cut taxes and raised the military budget hoping to cause a future fiscal crisis that would lead to the destruction of social spending. This was a manufactured crisis, 30 years in the making. They would start a war just for the opportunity to cut social spending, because they believe making life worse for their enemies will bring back the Good Old Days.

  18. Lying is an attractive notion in the present context but for me it is too crude. Better is to appreciate the extent to which political power-brokers ,(and the corporate sectors) use trance induction.
    A trance induction seeks to disable discrimination. A generic example is to make a claim that some thing or some event is ‘inevitable’. Weapons of ,mass destruction was an example. To ‘make America great again’ is a trance induction that as Juan points our shuts down open inquiry, the possibility of learning from other nations.
    Maybe there is actual lying in the US presidential campaigns but accusations of ‘lying’ tend to generate resistance because the people deploying trance-inductions commonly believe them to be true.

  19. Is it inevitable that the claxons of war will follow as another way to convince the American people that they are unsafe. I wonder why the Republicans can not find a different tune – real independence is never gained by creating a condition of reliance on the powerful. This Republican team is possibly better than the last pair but it is not good enough. They seem to be “Hollow men”.

  20. Darrin, please refrain from brandishing the same tired, hackneyed rhetoric here that republicans spew out on their hate-encumbered message boards. The people on this board are educated and well read. Your points are blatant lies, as are those of your leaders. I will not even address most of them because the exercise of refuting factual observations with tireless dribble is republican fodder and should remain such. One point that I do wish to point out, since I am a native Wisconsinite of some 38 years and my father worked in the auto industry as an engineer for over 30 years: The Janesville plant closed in December, 2008. This event took place several weeks before President Obama took the oath of office. President Obama stated that, with government support many of the plants that were closing could remain viable for 100 years. He had hoped to convert the Janesville plant into a clean burning energy vehicle plant but never got the chance. Stupidity and ignorance are no excuse for slander and lies. If you wish to promulgate these kinds of distortions, please feel free to do so on a gun show site or perhaps Ted Nugent has a blog you can post on.

  21. Dear Juan,

    Thanks for this quick summary.

    Your work is always so valuable. I just hope you take the time to DANCE as well to staid off bitterness and exhaustion. It get crazy out there

    love amina

  22. […] Top Ten REPEATED Paul Ryan Lies: You are getting sleeeeepy. This year’s Republican campaign is the most dishonest in history. A couple of weeks ago I listed 10 major falsehoods and gaffes of Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan. He repeated several of them in his Tampa speech, and added a few more. In honest political debate, when a candidate says something that is not true, he is confronted by journalists and the public, and either gives evidence that it is true, or backs off. Ryan continues to insist on repeating known falsehoods, to the extent that even Fox Cable News lamented his dishonesty…. […]

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