Two Ways Mitt Romney Really Will Kill lots of People

Controversy is swirling about a poorly argued attack ad done by a super PAC that is pro-Obama, which accuses Mitt Romney of being responsible for throwing a family where the wife had cancer out of health insurance when he closed the company. The case seems convoluted and the argument tenuous. Romney isn’t responsible for people getting cancer, and CEOs have people fired all the time. Romney campaign worker Andrea Saul is in trouble for pointing out that had the couple been living in Massachusetts, they would have had Romneycare. Saul, a vicious attack dog who targeted climate scientist Michael Mann for a smear campaign, broke a cardinal etch-a-sketch rule of this year’s GOP campaign, which is to pretend that Romney was not, only a few short years ago, a fairly liberal governor of Massachusetts who implemented universal health care and inspired Obamacare.

Ann Coulter, the bearded lady of the hard right, was so apoplectic at Saul’s slip that she told Sean Hannity that he might as well stop doing his program, and that she might as well hang up her brass knuckles, if the Romney campaign was going to comport itself that way. She inadvertently admitted that the point of Fox Cable News, of Hannity’s Bullying Hour, and of her own daily Objectivist peep show, is to elect Romney.

But the controversy about the attack ad has unfortunately obscured the correct point that Romney’s announced policies will kill lots of people. Now, all presidents get people killed. They fight wars, authorize covert actions, and pursue wrong-headed policies. It isn’t useful in my view to engage in a Utilitarian argument about which presidents kill more people and which less. These things are hard to quantify, anyway. The real question to my mind is how many people you kill as president out of cynical calculation about your personal interests and perhaps those of your backers. The thing I most object to in Romney is that he is willing to kill people to get elected, even though he knows better. He believes in Obamacare, obviously, but says he will repeal it. He knows the score on climate change, but is going to deliver us into the scalding clutches of Big Oil. He is a walking billboard for the message that religious people aren’t always ethical people. I sometimes wonder, in fact, whether religiosity doesn’t enable unethical behavior, reassuring the believer of his or her goodness and salvation and so damaging their ethics bullcrap meter.

So here are the ways that Romney is going to kill people:

1. Obamacare cuts women’s premiums (they had had to pay more than men) and provides women with “annual well visits, birth control counseling and supplies, gestational diabetes screening, breastfeeding support and supplies, screening and counseling concerning HIV and sexually transmitted infections, expanded testing for cervical cancer, and screening and counseling for domestic violence.” Studies have shown that doctor visits, especially late in a pregnancy, save lives, but many poor women could not afford them in the past (45 million women were just uninsured).

If Romney repeals Obamacare, he will raise the infant mortality rate compared to what it would be under the Affordable Care Act, and so will be a child-killer. It is probably even possible to calculate exactly how many infants he intends to murder.

2. Heat waves, water shortages, food shortages, declining fish populations, and extreme weather events such as floods and storms, will kill more and more human beings as climate change accelerates under the impact of all the tons of carbon dioxide we are spewing into the atmosphere every year. Even the percentage chance that our current heat wave, drought and corn crop failure is not caused by climate change is vanishingly small, according to James Hansen. Romney intends to remove subsidies for wind and solar energy and to promote burning hydrocarbons. (Note that Big Oil and Gas have received hundreds of billions in tax credits over the years). Romney may as well just line people up and machine gun them down. Even Iowa Republicans are angry at Romney over his anti-wind power stance. Iowa gets about a fifth of its electricity from wind and has the prospect of much more. But they’re upset over pocket book issues. The cost in human lives will only gradually become apparent.

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  1. 3. Attacks Iran through air campaign initially targeted at nuclear installations but then expanded with the aim of regime change. Lots of dead Iranians directly and indirectly as nuclear fallout wafts along in the breeze, minimal dead Americans initially (air campaign) until terrorist-style retaliation starts.

  2. I think the message of that ad was basically true. That the Bain folks were putting personal profit above any sense of social responsibility. Outfits like Bain are not interested in creating and producing any product. And the “lean and mean” tactics of Bain’s approach to its employees was widely applauded during the Reagan eighties. (With 8.3% unemployment there’s more sympathy for workers today.) The ad’s presentation though was crude. And that may have resulted from a desire not to take on the tenets of American capitalism head on. We know “buccaneer” capitalism produces many casualties among the workforce. That they do not come first. But those basic tenets are a third rail few in politics wants to touch.

    • To touch a third rail and short out train rail like through my body: link to
      There won’t be much help from a Romney admin to stop -machine gunning of innocent people be they US citizens or others too.

      But fear is lifted because without a Sea change in direction Earth is going to overheat in an extreme event shifting the planet to that of desert sand without a hint of remorse. Sort of like the lack of remorse or empathy of the mob in power..

  3. And wouldn’t the chances of a war with Iran go up dramatically if Romney were president? That would surely result in thousands of deaths.

  4. When looking to future behavior you’re best served by looking at track records. In governance Romney was centrist and pragmatic.

    Things are a great deal different now. He has a sporting chance of winning, in his Gollum-like pursuit of the Ring Of Power (….My Precioussss….), and the breath-taking deals he must have cut to this point, judging strictly from the toughness of his backers (read: Adelson etal), and the pronouncements he has been comfortable making publicly.

    As we re-new our passports, fret, and wonder Oh What Can We Do…think about his true record, but consider how much the future of the US will have to rely on his very LACK of integrity.

    • Very good.

      Romney appears to have sold his soul to the far right. As for his Mormonism, which he appears paternally linked to, he has bought into the far Christian Right overview to advance his ambitions.

      So how often will Romney sell out his “pragmatic” approaches to solving problems, if he becomes our president, in order to appease his far right backers, who he has fully identified with?

      At least Obama shows signs of sanity, and does good things, from time to time, for the American people. Such as backing gay marriage. Or standing up for women’s basic rights. What a novelty! Actually trying to gain votes by doing things which will benefit the American people! Romney doesn’t appear to have caught on to that. Unless reinforcing fear of one thing or another can be considered positive, somehow?

      • I have no idea what Mormon elders “teach”. In the event they are at odds with pro-Israelism, with hard-right-protestantism, or any of the rest, I sure hope they speak up, though such speaking-up (if duly ignored) might just go to reassure the HR-Protestants that Romney is really with them and not with the Mormons.

  5. the problem with Romney as president is the rest of those republicans in office and his backers. They have not shown much in the way of social responsibility. They don’t even want to pay their fair share of taxes.

    The ad maybe offensive to some but it does send a message. Corporations such as Bain Capital do come into a company & one of the things workers loose is their health care plans. If you or your family are unfortunate to have cancer at the time, yes there is a good chance you will die. Without the health insurance how can you afford medical care? From that perspective, Bain Capital & their fellow travels do kill people. When you deny people health care many die as the result, in my books that makes you complecet in their death.

    I do not envy the American people if Romney becomes president.

  6. I am sick of these injustices to the Republicans. The Democratic leadership are making nice words towards their base just now, three months before the elections. But once back in office they will do much the same as the other guys.

    Wrecking Social Security, bombing Iran and the Drug War, and of course the give-aways to big money are the Washington agenda no matter who wins.

  7. Obama Campaign and Health Insurance Ad

    In my opinion it’s a poor ad, swirling too much controversy especially as the same person was in another ad about GS Industries Inc. in Kansas City. An excellent video was made to illustrate the loss of jobs, health insurance and pensions at the Kansas City plant. Bain Capital ripped off the company with high fees and left it with a debt burden, see also their HQ at Charlotte, NC.

  8. Given Romney’s willingness to say anything to anybody, it is hard to tell what he will do. However, given that:

    a. the public wants someone with a plan, any plan, to get the economy going

    b. the GOP allows its officials to support no economic doctrine except classical economics – tax cuts for the rich and wage cuts for the poor

    c. We’ve been trying tax cuts for the rich and wage cuts for the poor since the day Reagan took the oath of office and the only times we’ve seemed to have any economic growth since then were when we were running crazy public and private debts – but the rich have done incredibly well regardless

    Then I conclude that Romney cannot have a new economic policy. It’s just doubling down on madness and punishment. The GOP is perfectly happy to see the poor get punished by greater starvation and illness, so why not do it?


    There is one thing left he could try to create one more fake economic boom, and it is obvious if you consider that every great store of wealth in America has been plundered except for Social Security and our public infrastructure. As a plunderer himself, Romney knows the public doesn’t now trust financial markets enough to privatize Social Security.

    However, many countries have been tricked into fire sales of their public goods. I’m not talking about having private firms operate public services, a scam that’s already getting moldy. I mean, liquidate everything like a junkie looking to pay for one last hit; the National Parks, the National Wildernesses, the highways, the bridges, the prisons, the schools, the universities, the utilities, the dams, the clean water behind the dams.

    Everything will seem great at first. Money will pour in to buy everything, and for a while a little of it will be in our pockets. Wall Street will do well enough that people might even forget about the crashes and let Social Security be privatized. The new owners will go through the motions of competing for a while, then consolidate into the usual oligopolies. Then the fees will engulf us and we will be living like the Russians under Yeltsin.

    That will be the last pump and dump of America. There won’t be any more wealth for the rich to extract, so they will move away, and their branch offices and their low-rent local henchmen will assume control, just like every other 3rd world country.

  9. Speaking of killing people to get elected, Dems should remember that JFK , according to insiders, had decided to get out of Vietnam because it was a mistake, but not until after he was reelected so the Republicans couldn’t us the “he lost Vietnam ” argument against him in the election. Thus he deliberately killed not only Vietnamese, but American servicemen as well just for political purposes.

  10. Romney has signed on to the Ryan budget that replaces Medicare with a voucher that you take to the private insurance market. Imagine a 65 year old person with diabetes or cancer shopping for health insurance with our parasite insurance companies. This is nothing but a death sentence.

    • In the free market paradise they envision our 65 year old will be overjoyed to go out shopping, among “parasitic” insurance companies, for the “perfect” health plan……

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