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  1. The only thing I find farcical here is the idea that you can estimate how big the deficit would be if those bills hadn’t been passed. Such a calculation is pure fantasyland and thereby, a false argument. Our elected representatives on both sides of the aisle hate a vacuum. Take away their ability to spend over revenues, and only then could you calculate a genuine hypothetical fiscal situation to compare to.

    • Ah, the Libertarian solution! It’s all so simple… except for the getting there, and making it work once you arrive…

    • Well, we don’t have to estimate how big our deficits were before Ronald Reagan rewrote American ideology to champion short-term greed over all.

      It’s simple. We used to have a top tax rate of 91% on the rich, and balanced budgets, and a GOP that supported this arrangement.

    • Oh, let me guess, “both sides of the aisle” are bad so always always always vote for the Republican?

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