White Terrorist Plot to Assassinate the ‘Commander in Chief’

A white terrorist cell on a military base in Georgia plotted to assassinate President Barack Obama and stage a military coup. It murdered two former members of the cell. It bought $87,000 of military grade weaponry and land in Washington state. It planned to bomb a dam in Washington and poison its apple crop. It planned to take over Fort Stewart in Georgia.

The National Security Agency is massively and illegally spying on ordinary Americans. Peace activists are bothered by police and put on watch lists. Journalists like Amy Goodman have been beaten up for covering peaceful protests. The NYPD conducted extensive espionage on American citizens of Muslim heritage not only in NYC but far beyond their jurisdiction. Rep. Peter King of New York keeps holding hearings on the alleged radicalization of American Muslims (who are mostly pillars of the American establishment; King himself supports IRA terrorism).

But extremist white Christian soldiers want to kill the president and privately stockhold thousands of dollars worth of military grade weapons? Apparently if they hadn’t started murdering people they could have flown under the radar on all that.

All those right wing politicians and commentators who kept hammering Obama as a foreigner, a Muslim, illegitimate, a budding dictator– they created the hothouse atmosphere that fostered this kind of evil.

Indeed, apparently one of the four plotters was a page at the 2008 Republican Convention.

Republicans aren’t responsible for having crazed assassins among them– that would be guilt by association. But they are responsible for promoting irrationality by using fear, demonization, taboos, innuendo and coded race discourse. It is reasoned argument that makes for democracy. Karl Rove and Rupert Murdoch and Koch brothers’ rhetorical tactics release chickens that eventually will come to roost.

And don’t get me started about what the Bush White House would have done if minority members in uniform had gotten up such a plot against W. They’d have used it to put progressives in concentration camps. Because Democrats are not on the whole demagogic, this plot will likely not even get that much air play.

Nor will the National Rifle Association come under any pressure to stop insisting that extremists and the mentally ill have free and constant access to military grade weaponry.

What I’m afraid of is that demagoguery and semi-automatic weapons will keep dominating our society until something very bad happens, something which may cost us even more of our liberties.

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29 Responses

  1. When the DHS put out a report in 2009 identifying white supremicists, radical abortionists and far right extremist military veterans as key terrorist threats, the Republican party kicked up a massive shitstorm, accusing the Obama administration of “slandering” veterans, eventually succeeding in forcing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, in true Democrat style, to withdraw the report and apologize profusely. This is part of a general pattern where Republicans have worked extremely hard to shield far right wing domestic terror groups from scrutiny from the security state apparatus they’ve created, which in their minds should be restricted to monitoring brown people:

    link to thinkprogress.org

    Make no mistake, all the indications are that this is a far-right terror cell, and there’s more out there. Expect this to ramp up dramatically should Obama get a second term.

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  2. It will be interesting to find out if the FBI ever considered aiming a sting operation at these guys. If it was a group of angry Muslims, we know where the $87,000 in weapons would come from, along with dam blowing and apple crop poisoning training.

  3. Exactly right Juan…

    Neal Boortz-‘President Obama is a dictator’
    The Hate Parade Marches On!
    Radio host Neal Boortz just said, in all seriousness, ‘President Obama is a dictator, he goes against the constitution and ignores our laws.’ Of course that’s not true. Even if he wanted to he couldn’t and not one single Republican congress-person is filing charges of any kind against him, much less impeachment. Don’t people think that Nixon and Clinton would have liked to tell our justice system to ‘back off’. But somehow, we are to believe that PBO has it all figured out and has taken over our country. I’m surprised he’s letting us have an election! Of course Boortz is a liar or a fool or both, but it’s not funny that Cox and WGAU let him get away with, in essence, calling for the assassination of our president. Because that is exactly what any law abiding citizen would be compelled to do if they believed this insane, vile hate-speech.

    I only wish this evil bile was unique to the Boortz show and not the entire WGAU, Cox, WSB, WABC lineup. It’s all one long parade of hate and bigotry. It’s a disgrace to the United States of America and it is in fact leading to terrorism and bigoted militias forming.

  4. We’re infected.
    It could cost us more than liberties, could cost us the country.

    • We were born infected.

      Prosperity among the masses began to push the disease into dormancy, first in the industrialized North, then weakening the violent resistance in the South to integration.

      But the rich got sick of watching us inferiors live too well, and realized they could blame the victim all the way back to levels of economic inequality last seen in the 1920s – a period which Prof. Steven Mintz called the Golden Age of American Racism.

      This is logical behavior for them. A society consisting of a feudal elite and a class of henchmen presiding over misery and horror has been the normal model for humans since the invention of private property.

      What makes the model fail is the success of a country devoted to something better, forcing its reactionary competitors to reform to keep up. Where is this country now when we need it so desperately?

  5. Interesting this is being treated as a “gang” problem.

    Really, its more of a surprise this sort of thing hasn’t cropped up earlier; it may well have in such an UTR manner. Not to inflame things, but rather to look matters in the face, you’d have be a True Believer in American Exceptionalism to think otherwise.

  6. Today’s GOP convention coverage on Fox News featured an interview with something named Lars Larson (evidently a right-wing radio talking-head), who claimed that Obama is deliberately trying to drag the USA down, make us a second-rate country, blah blah. Of course, the shellacked-hair, fetching eye make-up Fox News “journalist” conducting the interview nodded calmly in agreement. And we can be sure that by Thursday, this will seem tame compared to what the rest of Tuesday, plus Wednesday, will bring.

    • Well this is the reason why the sane majority of America have to keep their heads while the GOP are going mad. Once the same majority re-elects Obama and gains control of congress, our home guard can quickly clean up the lunatic fringe to bring sanity and prosperity back to America.

      • Clan up the lunatic fringe? Fat chance. They will just pretend it’s not happening the way they have for the last four years. And by the way, with many of them in Congress and on the radio and TV, it’s getting pretty hard to think of them as a “fringe” any more.

      • What home guard? Sane people vote to make things “okay” so they can return to their apolitical lives. Fanatics are at it 24/7. And to admit that our richest and our most patriotic are wrong and evil is to admit that there is something wrong with the very nature of our country, which weakens our own will to fight for it. Thus the hapless, compromising liberals who can navigate the system into office.

  7. There have been white supremacist cells in all four branches of the U.S. Armed Forces for years. This has been well known to the Department of Defense.

    What is disppointing is that Army Intelligence or other internal investigative agencies within the military was not tracking this group before they were involved in a murder plot.

  8. —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Mujeeb Khan
    To: “GGreenwald@salon.com”
    Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:00 AM
    Subject: Cover up on Fox and other MSM of Army Plot to kill Obama

    Dear Juan,

    As usual, your recent blogs on rightwing White Christian terrorism industry were quite prescient. I was wondering if you noticed the cover-up in a number of mainstream media outlets, especially Fox, of the very serious Army plot
    to assassinate Obama and start a wider war. The culprits amassed a large arsenal and already murdered two people. AP and Yahoo covered the story prominently but other
    media outlets buried it. This proves that many in the media and political establishment find it very difficult to acknowledge terrorism if it is committed by Non-Muslim White Christians.
    Given the very serious nature of this plot the fact that Fox failed to mention it anywhere on air or even its website is shocking proof of the terrorism industry. I was hoping
    you might cover this aspect of the story and the double-standards.


    Mujeeb R. Khan
    Dept. of Political Science
    UC Berkeley

  9. MSM are framing the four members of F.E.A.R.(Forever Enduring Always Ready) as “anarchists” and frequently editing out their Obama asssination plans.

  10. “Origins of the U.S. Military Coup of 2012: Three Privates and a Sergeant Who Took Over Their Army Base”

    Like this would totally have worked. Really, the most impressive part of this was the fact that they could come up with USD 87,000 to buy weapons with.

  11. Notably, the article I saw referred to them as “anarchists.” The word “right wing” did not appear anywhere.

  12. If you take the anti-government rhetoric of the right a little farther down that road, you conclude that the ideal is to have zero government. You become a right-wing anarchist. If you’re zealous and dumb, you start stockpiling weapons. I mean, if all the government does is get in the way of the job-creators, then all good citizens should become militant anarcho-capitalists.

  13. It seems the right-wing, corporations and the religious fundamentalist american Taliban are one and the same element! This 66 year old veteran has known this sense the 1970’s, you would think the minority in this administration would have gone after this white trash the first day! A white terrorist cell on a military base in Georgia seems hard to believe because the one thing I always thought a good troop did was follow the oath! These folks obviously never respected it and so they can be considered traitors or 5th columnists who would sell out their country for 30 pieces of silver to the highest bidder. All of these scumbags need to be sent to GITMO until they give up all who gave the money, all who helped get the weapons and then have the lot sentenced to life in GITMO as they have no home here anymore being traitors to the oath they took! As a veteran I would call for a firing squad but I am a progressive and have grown out of the mentality that condones murder even by the state, but still will not abide treasonable persons living here. Shame on everyone responsible in our government, especially homeland security, if it can not stop crap like this from developing how are they going to stop real threats to our country? The attorney general and the FBI need to take a wreaking ball to the entire right-wing neonazi groups here so we do not have to fight on two fronts against fundamentalists driven nut-bags who care nothing for law, just profit and orders from men waring dresses! If twenty or thirty get life at GITMO the rest will run for cover forever, as all racists have been found to be cowards who only attack the those they out number or gun, like justifying the so called hunting of Bambi as sport! Rednecks need to get a life and leave the US if they can not grow a pair! Joe6pK

  14. I read this story on the blog a few days ago and been waiting for the corporate TV to report it. Nothing!!!

    This GOP is turning this country into a 3rd world nation of gun toting name calling terrorist nation.

  15. Check it out — CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Can Now Speak 10 years after 9-11.

  16. I learned that the KKK had establishment ties when we chased them from the Colorado capital’s steps, on MLKjr day, and they ran to the neighboring Scottish Rite Temple, for cover. People of color have been terrorized by White Supremacists throughout American History. Why should the first non-white President not follow in that tradition!?

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