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  1. Romney has passed judgement on 47% of Americans based solely on their federal tax returns yet he refuses to release more of his tax returns. Is he afraid we will judge him?

  2. If this pampered, paternalistic, patrician prick had any sense of decency, he would withdraw his candidacy.
    But, as he is without character and as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers and scores of corporate PACs and his sleazy Wall Street donors have a bottomless supply of cash, this spineless Empty Suit will stay the course, and the American people will be treated to six weeks of the most hideous deluge of lies and televised fantasles we’ve ever expeiienced.
    With no positive attributes to proclaim, and no plan for the middle class except to have us continue financing the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the Republican Party’s campaign strategy will be totally negative. It will be the Swift Boat Slander multiplied by ten.

  3. If you include employer and employee portions of Social Security and Medicare, those in the 47% who have jobs pay a higher percentage of income to the federal government than Romney and his friends.

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