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  1. Having heard and respected the arguments against a no-fly zone, I cannot help but think another, deeper look, might make it a reasonable thing to do.

    Main point is that the situation has evolved into one where the Syrian AF appears to be using and even relying on fixed wing aircraft to keep going. At a minimum, throwing some real apprehension into their pilots through even a partial CAP might relieve a lot of pressure on the resistance and tip the scales a bit. It doesn’t have to follow the model of Libya, where that operation immediately became one of neutralizing armor (calling it a no-fly operation wasn’t really accurate).

    The armchair generals making policy seem to be good at ignoring the real generals, but I cannot help but think the real generals may not be as good as they could be about encouraging creative ideas from the real colonels, as opposed to the armchair ones like me.

    Then there are the assets to be used, and in the current deployment of the Enterprise, Eisenhower and Stennis, I hope there isn’t some other agenda afoot:

    link to gonavy.jp

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